WIL Fund Raiser in St. Louis, MO – 1877: When the River City Was Red

1877 strike

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WIL Fund Raiser in St. Louis, MO – 1877: When the River City Was Red
Sunday, 29 July 2007
1:00 PM – 5:30 PM

Do you know the origins of Fair St. Louis? Everyone has heard of the fair, but few remember that it was originally established as the "Veiled Prophet" Parade, a celebration of the crushing of the Great Railroad Strike of 1877, known also as the "Reign of the Rabble" and the "St. Louis Commune". Join us on July 29th for a day of solidarity, education, and remembrance as we commemorate the 130th Anniversary of the strike – a great and forgotten event in the history of the U.S. working class. Potluck and live music.

Please bring food!

Pavilion opens at 1 pm
Speakers at 2 pm – Featuring Rose Feurer, Labor Historian at Northern Illinois University. Other speakers TBA.
Suggested donation of $10

Humboldt North Shelter in Tower Grove Park
4256 Magnolia Avenue | St. Louis, MO 63110 | 314-435-2493

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