[Audio] How to Recruit Communists & Build a Cell

The eleventh episode of Communists of America is now on air:

There are potentially tens of millions of unorganized communists in the US. How can we find this most advanced, radicalized layer and get them into a party? How do you build and maintain a cell? We talk to members across the country and hear their experience and advice. Join our Party: https://communistusa.org/join

How to convince someone to join the fight for socialism: https://socialistrevolution.org/how-to-convince-someone-to-join-the-fight-for-communism/

How to build communist cells (From our Canadian Section): https://www.marxist.ca/article/how-to-build-communist-cells

The Fundamentals of Marxism: A Short Reading List: https://socialistrevolution.org/marxist-fundamentals-reading-list/

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