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Revolutionary Change, Not Climate Change!

The catastrophe of climate change is upon us. As with everything else in this system, all roads lead to class struggle. To fight climate change, fight capitalism!

“Eco-Anxiety” Spreads among Youth
“Eco-Anxiety” Spreads among Youth

Transitioning from fossil fuels will cost $9 trillion a year. “Climate finance” capitalists say they can’t find the money.

California: Massive Flooding Flows from Capitalist Crisis

The recent onslaught of rainfall in California, dropping over a foot of rain in some places, stands as a stark reminder of the dire consequences of climate change in the era of capitalism’s implosive decay.

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Why We Can’t Have Nice Things Under Capitalism

Until world capitalism has been replaced with world socialism, the frustrating and destructive practice of planned obsolescence is here to stay.

Climate Crisis Protest
Capitalists Exposed for Deadly Climate Carnage

A recent report by Oxfam has again exposed the murderous role of the capitalist class in the climate crisis. To address this horrendous crime against humanity, the only solution is to overthrow capitalist rule through […]

COP28: Ruling Class Makes Mockery of the Climate Crisis

After another year of record breaking heat waves, extreme weather conditions, and wildfires that have cost thousands of people’s lives, the COP28 summit has poured oil on the flames.

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Green Austerity and the Climate Culture War

Capitalist politicians are increasingly wrapping-up austerity measures in “green” packaging—provoking a backlash amongst ordinary people and polarizing the working class.

Capitalism’s Cancer Treatment Crisis

The US is facing a major shortage of drugs for cancer treatment due to the irrational anarchy of the market economy.

Wildfires Devastate Hawaii: Capitalism’s Latest Climate Horror

The inferno has been described as the deadliest natural disaster in the history of the state of Hawaii. But in fact, there was little natural about this tragedy.

Greece Fires
Europe’s Wildfires: Hellish Summers under Capitalism

An unprecedented number of wildfires have set Europe alight in the past month. The capitalists have created these hellish summers, and they will only become more severe in the years to come.

Oak Flat Arizona Elias Butler
Oak Flat: Only the United Working Class Can Guarantee Indigenous Rights

Mining giants Rio Tinto and BHP are set to destroy the sacred indigenous site Oak Flat in southeastern Arizona. Only the united working class can stop these major polluters and the capitalist state.

Capitalism’s Wildfire Haze: A Sign of Things to Come

Millions of people across the eastern United States have suffered from extremely poor air quality over the past several days. This is a palpable reminder of the accelerating climate crisis, as previously unheard of weather […]