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The Camp Fire and the Disaster of Capitalism

The town of Paradise has been effectively wiped off the map by the deadliest and most destructive fire in state history.

California Democrats Sell Out Single-Payer Healthcare

While the call for single payer is being raised once more, the Democrats stand—yet again—in the way of the interests of the majority.

Extraordinary 2017 Congress of the US IMT

The future looks brighter than ever for socialism, and humanity’s potential to achieve it has never been greater.

EPA on the Chopping Block

The EPA is only the latest casualty in Trump’s steamrolling of the working class, science, and the environment.

2016 California Marxist School: IMT Growing on the West Coast

We must work to build a strong Marxist organization in order to be ready for the even more dramatic shifts in society that lay ahead of us.

Climate Change Changes California

When it comes to the richest state in the union, all capitalism can offer is patchwork reforms that are designed to fail. We need better to combat climate change – we need socialism.

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