Stop ICE rally San Francisco, 2018
What Would a World Without Borders Look Like?

Communists fight for an end to all borders, deportation centers, militarized patrols, full rights and amnesty for all undocumented workers and their families.

International Working Women's Day
Lenin, Communism, and the Emancipation of Women

The greatest advances for women’s liberation were not achieved through individual struggles against systemic oppression but in collective, revolutionary struggle to fundamentally change society.

Divide and Rule: Gentrification of Philly’s Chinatown

The billionaire owners of the Philadelphia 76ers are pushing a new arena which would devour Chinatown. In the face of widespread opposition, the capitalists are leaning on poisonous identity politics to divide the working class.

Ohio Voters Defeat Reaction in the Abortion Referendum

On November 7, over two million Ohioans voted “yes” on measure one, forcing the state to protect abortion rights. This was a defensive measure by the workers to protect their class interests, despite the Democrats.

Ireland after Dublin Riot: Crush Seed of Far Right before It Takes Root

Communists must confront and clear out this mob on the street, and deprive them of their false “anti-establishment” credentials by creating a real, revolutionary alternative that can express the volcanic anger in Irish society.

Biden Border Wall
Biden Says: “Build That Wall!”

Biden has used his executive power to allow the construction of Trump’s wall. When it comes to deeds if not rhetoric, the Democrats hold the same racist positions as the Republicans.

Arizona Communists Say: Hands off our Campuses! United Action Needed to Defend Palestine Solidarity Movement!

As is happening around the world, Palestine solidarity activists are facing intimidation in Arizona. The communists of the IMT demand united action to defend the movement!

British State Clamps Down on Palestine Solidarity: Support the Communist Fightback!

Comrades of Socialist Appeal, the British section of the International Marxist Tendency, have been targeted by the police for waging a determined campaign to build solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Communists Shut Down TPUSA Bigots at ASU Campus

After TPUSA members assaulted a queer professor on campus, Socialist Revolution at Arizona State University decided that it was time for students and workers to take the fight into our own hands.

US Mexico Border Wall McAllen Texas RawPixel
Murder at the Texas Border

Texas politicians intend to draw the blood of immigrants for the crime of seeking refuge from economic insecurity, violence, and climate disaster. Communists must organize to fight them.

Zionism and Capitalism: Hands Off Our Universities!

Powerful capitalists with investments in higher education are pressuring university administrations to impose harsh disciplinary measures on pro-Palestinian campus activists.

Join the Communists to Kick TPUSA Off ASU’s Campus!

TPUSA goons assaulted an Arizona State University professor. It is up to ASU’s students, professors, and workers to ensure this disgusting queer-bashing and the organization that sponsors it are driven from our campus!