The Communist: The Voice of the Revolutionary Communists of America

The Communist is the official newspaper of the party of the Revolutionary Communists of America. It is different from any other publication you’ll find in the US today. Behind this newspaper, there’s a vast network of communist activity from coast to coast. It is a tool for organizing in the streets, at protests and strikes, for building communist cells in our neighborhoods, workplaces, and campuses.

The RCA is on a mission to carry Bolshevism into the political arena of a country that’s ripe for it. Yes, we’re Bolsheviks living in the digital age, and we also use social media and our podcast to spread the communist program. But we’re not the kind of internet leftists who stay inside and “do politics” online. That’s why we need something we can carry with us into the streets and put into people’s hands. The physical paper is an instrument for building a real-life organization—a genuine Communist Party of fighters.

The real operation behind The Communist is the one happening every day at bus stops, in break rooms, on job sites, in checkout lines, in subway cars, and on the street corners of working-class neighborhoods in every major city. As you read through our pages, you’ll see what we mean. It gives you a picture of the kind of bold and energetic activity that hundreds of comrades are engaged in every day, gathering together those who want to change the world. And there are legions of them out there just waiting for a call to action.

The entire premise for launching the Revolutionary Communists of America is our recognition of the huge vacuum for it in the US today. Every conversation we have with people around us, and every initiative we take, verifies our perspective. We see the immediate potential for a communist movement to emerge as a force to take US politics by storm. It’s right in front of us. Because everywhere we turn, people agree with what we’re saying. They just want to know what to do about it.

We have no time to lose. We’re doing everything we can think of to find and recruit more communists, to give them the tools they need to organize, and to set them to work immediately. We’re building hundreds of cells in workplaces, unions, and neighborhoods across the country. And we need the help of every communist out there, including you.

If you’re committed to seeing the end of capitalism in your lifetime, if you’re part of a rapidly growing communist generation, this is your paper. If you want to support your troops and receive a copy of each issue of The Communist with updates on our party building activity and progress, then sign up as a monthly sustainer of the Revolutionary Communists of America.



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