What We Fight For: The Program of the US Section of the IMT

The capitalist system is at the root of the poverty, racism, instability, violence, and humiliation the exploited and oppressed face every day. To solve these problems, we fight for a workers’ government based on the program below. Join us in the fight for socialist revolution in our lifetime!

For class independence—break immediately with the Democrats and Republicans

Build a mass working-class socialist party armed with a revolutionary program that breaks with capitalism. Organized labor has the numbers and resources to effectively challenge Trumpism and the parties of the ruling class. By mobilizing the working-class majority in the workplace, unions, streets, and at the polls, we can fight and win against the bosses.

Rebuild the labor movement through militant class struggle

All workers should have the right to strike and join a union—organize the unorganized! Repeal all antiunion laws, including Taft-Hartley. No to multi-tier contracts, concessions, and give-backs! All union officials to be regularly elected by the membership with the right of immediate recall, and receive no more than the average wage of a skilled worker.

End unemployment—quality jobs for all

The right to a secure, full-time job with full benefits or a place in education. For a twenty-hour workweek with no loss in pay and a national minimum wage of $1,000 per week. Unemployment and Social Security benefits to be paid at full wages. Abolish temp work and unpaid internships. For a massive program of useful public works to create millions of quality union jobs to rebuild and expand public infrastructure, transportation, and housing. Wages to be tied to inflation through periodic cost of living adjustments. For union control over hiring and firing and the establishment of job training and hiring halls in areas with high unemployment. Voluntary retirement at age 55 with full benefits.

Quality, affordable housing for all

End the capitalist housing market, which leads to overcrowding, gentrification, and homelessness. Rent for all housing to be fixed at not more than 10% of wages, as part of a voluntary, socialized plan. Nationalize foreclosed and vacant homes, to be allocated to those in need under democratic public control. For an immediate and indefinite moratorium on evictions, with residents of foreclosed properties allowed to stay in their homes. No compensation to the foreclosing owners, except in cases of proven need.

Universal, quality health care

For a socialized health care system free at the point of service. Nationalize the health insurance, medical equipment, and pharmaceutical industries, the hospital networks and related clinics, and integrate them into a unified, democratically administered public health provider. Free scientific research from the profit motive and ensure universal access to the latest medical technologies, treatments, and discoveries, and expand accessibility to accommodate those with disabilities. Massively fund research to prevent and combat epidemics and disease.

Quality, lifelong education for all

Fully fund and expand public schools, colleges, and universities. Nationalize the private universities and colleges and merge them into a unified public education system. Abolish tuition and fees and cancel student debt. Provide students with at least $1,000 per week through living grants and paid internships. No to means testing, vouchers, charter schools, privatization, and corporate influence in the classroom.

Fight against all forms of discrimination—equal rights for all

Equal pay for work of equal value. Full paid leave for expectant mothers after the first trimester and parental leave with full pay for up to two years after birth or adoption. Free, full-time, high-quality childcare facilities and after-school programs. For affordable public laundry services and subsidized restaurants serving healthy, quality food to help free working women from domestic servitude. Full reproductive rights up to and including abortion. No to discrimination on the basis of gender identity, expression, or sexual orientation. For genuine freedom of assembly and expression—defend civil rights and liberties! Nationalize the means of communication and democratize access to the media and meeting spaces on the basis of proportional representation.

An injury to one is an injury to all! Fight racism with class struggle!

For the unity of the working class—mobilize the labor movement to combat sexism, racism, police terror, and mass incarceration. Reparations for centuries of slavery, colonialism, exploitation, and oppression can only be achieved by expropriating the capitalists and building socialism. Abolish the death penalty and release all political prisoners. No to walls, militarization, deportation centers, and repression at the border. End all racist immigration and asylum controls. No to temporary “guest worker” programs. For immediate and unconditional legalization: Full rights and amnesty for undocumented workers and their families. For family reunification and an immediate end to raids and deportations. Recognize the tribal sovereignty of American Indian Nations.

Only class struggle can combat the climate crisis

For an immediate transition to clean energy—retool the economy to ensure a safe and healthy habitat for generations to come. Massively fund research to develop climate change mitigation strategies and new production techniques. Paid retraining and guaranteed employment for displaced workers with no reduction in wages or benefits. Public ownership and control over land, mining, logging, transport, oil, gas, and other energy and natural resources. For a socialized plan of production for agriculture—nationalize the food distribution and agrochemical giants that endanger public health and nutrition in the pursuit of profits. Protect small farmers and agricultural workers’ job security. Fully fund nutrition assistance and extension programs.

Nationalize the key levers of the economy: the major banks, corporations, and industries

Break with the irrational chaos of the capitalist free market. No to austerity and privatization—make the billionaires pay for the crisis of their system! Consolidate the banking sector into a unified, publicly owned and administered entity to protect workers’ savings and guarantee affordable loans to all. All nationalized companies to be run under democratic workers’ control and management, integrated into a socialist plan of production to meet the needs of society.

Socialist internationalism and world revolution

No to imperialist intervention anywhere in the world. For international economic cooperation based on solidarity and the interests of the workers of the world, not a handful of multinationals. Abolish all capitalist trade and bankers’ agreements and write off the debts imposed by imperialism. Slash the military budget and invest instead in social needs. Unite with Canadian and Latin American workers in a Socialist Federation of the Americas as part of a World Socialist Federation.

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