Revolutions are preceded by preparatory periods of ferment and debate, clarification of ideas, perspectives, and tasks. There is a growing sense that society is at an impasse, while at the same time, history is accelerating and great events are coming. This pushes broader layers of society into political activity, and there is a thirst for ideas: How can we explain the crisis of the system? How can communists win over the working class? What is the path to socialism in our lifetime?

It Is Time to Launch a Revolutionary Communist International!

A significant stratum of workers and youth are reaching out to grasp the banner of communism with both hands. We must turn decisively outwards to meet them by building a Revolutionary Communist International.

South Africa Apartheid
Did Boycotts, Divestment, and Sanctions Overthrow the Apartheid Regime in South Africa?

Many earnest people in the West look to the BDS campaign as a “practical” way to show solidarity with Palestine. Its activists often point to the example of the Apartheid regime in South Africa.

Can a Socialist Revolution Happen in the United States?

It is not uncommon to encounter skepticism or even extreme pessimism about the possibility of a socialist revolution in the United States. However, revolutions have exploded in what seemed to be the most unlikely places.

Split Communists Ukraine
Ukraine War Leads to Splits in the Communist Movement: Back to Lenin!

War poses everything in stark terms and puts all tendencies to the test. The war in Ukraine has led to splits in the communist parties in several countries.

Socialist newspapers
Why Communists Sell Newspapers

As the crisis of capitalism deepens, the ruling class—which is completely unable to solve society’s most pressing problems—has resorted increasingly to censorship against any dissenting voices, particularly those who challenge capitalism itself.

Young People in Texas Are Organizing for Communism

Many people might count out Texas, but I say to those people: you’d best think again—there’s revolutionary sentiments brewing throughout the state!

Their Tactics and Ours

Whenever a new movement erupts onto the scene of history, questions over the efficacy of violence vs. non-violence, direct action, diversity of tactics are hotly debated. But what can we learn from the past experience […]

US Perspectives 2023: The Road to the Third American Revolution

Drafted as a discussion document to be amended and voted on at the 2023 National Congress of the US section of the IMT, this text draws a balance sheet of the events that have unfolded […]

Starmer McNea Holmes Corbyn
Identity Politics: The Ruling Class’s Favored Weapon against the Left

Promoted by some activists as a means of combating oppression, identity politics is increasingly being used by the establishment to attack the left and the labor movement. Workers and youth must fight back with revolutionary […]

Michael Harrington: Theoretician of American Reformism

Michael Harrington’s ideas continue to have wide influence, but his American variant of reformism is a political dead end.

Strike in Greece 11/9/22
Massive Participation in Greek General Strike: For Escalation, Not with Words but with Deeds!

The 24-hour general strike in Greece represents a striking example of the power of the working class. Now is the time to escalate the struggle.

[Audio] Marxism, Bolshevism, and Mutual Aid

What is the Marxist position on mutual aid? Can it play a role in transforming society? In this roundtable discussion on socialist strategy, Socialist Revolution editors Antonio Balmer, Bryce Gordon, and Tom Trottier take up […]