Revolutions are preceded by preparatory periods of ferment and debate, clarification of ideas, perspectives, and tasks. There is a growing sense that society is at an impasse, while at the same time, history is accelerating and great events are coming. This pushes broader layers of society into political activity, and there is a thirst for ideas: How can we explain the crisis of the system? How can communists win over the working class? What is the path to socialism in our lifetime?

Communism and Violence
Do Communists Favor Violence?

Across the globe, capitalism is spilling oceans of blood. And yet, capitalist media outlets profess to be horrified when we say the working class has the right to defend itself.

Palestine rally Brooklyn New York
Why We Will See a Revolution in Our Lifetime

In popular culture, revolutions are often portrayed as bloody civil wars. In reality, a revolution is when the masses of people emerge onto the scene of history and take their future into their own hands.

How the Campus Occupations Could Have Sparked the American Intifada

The Palestine solidarity encampment movement offers some of the most fruitful lessons for a generation of fighters searching for a way to make the intifada more than a slogan for street chants.

A Manifesto for America’s Communist Generation

History is calling upon our generation to step forward and fight for the overthrow of capitalism. The Revolutionary Communists of America are its organized wing.

A Fighting Program for the Revolutionary Communists of America

The RCA is a party of class fighters committed to the complete overthrow of capitalism. We fight for a world of material superabundance and reject the artificial scarcity of a system based on the pursuit […]

An Open Letter to Members of the Communist Party USA

The starting point for those seeking a communist party worthy of the name is simple: Back to Marx! Back to Lenin!

What Would It Take to Stop the US-Backed Genocide?

Millions have hit the streets to demand an immediate end to Israel’s US-backed war on Gaza. But the massacre continues, with over 30,000 dead and counting. If marches and protests haven’t worked, what will?

Why Divestment Can’t End the Genocidal Slaughter in Gaza

We can certainly sympathize with the healthy instinct to “do something” to undermine the Israeli state. However, divestment suffers from a fatal flaw: it accepts the limits of capitalism as a given.

Class Fighters Gather Across the US to Launch the Revolutionary Communists of America

On February 25, hundreds of comrades gathered nationwide to discuss the founding of the Revolutionary Communists of America—a new political party for the new generation of class fighters eager to get active and organized in […]

It Is Time to Launch a Revolutionary Communist International!

A significant stratum of workers and youth are reaching out to grasp the banner of communism with both hands. We must turn decisively outwards to meet them by building a Revolutionary Communist International.

South Africa Apartheid
Did Boycotts, Divestment, and Sanctions Overthrow the Apartheid Regime in South Africa?

Many earnest people in the West look to the BDS campaign as a “practical” way to show solidarity with Palestine. Its activists often point to the example of the Apartheid regime in South Africa.

Can a Socialist Revolution Happen in the United States?

It is not uncommon to encounter skepticism or even extreme pessimism about the possibility of a socialist revolution in the United States. However, revolutions have exploded in what seemed to be the most unlikely places.