Recession or “Vibecession”?

Economists are speaking of a “vibecession,” as if the suffering of workers is purely emotional. If only we studied economic statistics more closely, we would understand how great we have it!

Northeast Portland homeless camp
While 15 Million Homes Sit Empty Half A Million People Live without a Roof

Three bedrooms, two kids, reliable healthcare, and a comfy retirement is an unattainable fairytale for the communist generation. In particular, the average American home mortgage now stands at $796,000.

Bitcoin in a bubble.
Capitalism’s Crypto Chaos Returns

With uncertainty and instability rocking the real economy, gambling investors are once again piling into Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency tokens. Yes, Bitcoin is back!

Boeing 737 MAX 9
737 Max 9 Blowout: Boeing Gambles with Human Lives for Profit

The 737 Max 9 blowout shows once again that Boeing’s bosses play dice with the lives of aircrews and passengers, all for the sake of profit.

Wage Theft
The Bosses Steal $50 Billion from Us Every Year

Not happy with paying us a legal wage that is already so low it’s impossible to survive on, the bosses find ways to pay us even less than the legal minimum.

Caution elderly people / Image: David J, Flickr
Aging Population or Senile System?

Faced with a shortage of workers and a growing pension-age population, the ruling class is worried about what they are calling the “demographic transition.”

New York’s Economic Recovery Is Only Good News for the Rich

Rich New Yorkers have more than recovered from the 2020 economic slump, but everyone else is struggling as the income gap continues to widen.

Has the Working Class Disappeared? Fact and Fiction

In this article Fred Weston examines whether the working class is in fact disappearing or has even disappeared as many so called “intellectuals” claim.

People's Unemployment Line
Unemployment Is a Crime Against Humanity

A communist response to the multimillionaire landlord who wants to increase unemployment to kill the workers’ “attitude” and drive down wages.

Dead Mall Allen, Texas
“Big Box Blight” and the Death Agony of the American Shopping Mall

Abandoned “big-box” retail stores litter the landscape across the country. To address this, we need to fight for communism.

China: Economic Downturn Augurs Epoch of Instability and Struggle

Soaring unemployment and a rapid decline in consumption have debunked the ruling regime’s fraudulent claims of a “strong economic recovery” in China.

World Perspectives 2023
The World in 2023: Crisis, War, and Revolution

This document was passed at the 2023 IMT World Congress, outlining our analysis of the main trends shaping world politics and the class struggle in this dramatic period of capitalism’s death agony.