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Lessons of the British Election: Don’t Mourn—Organize!

The shock election result has caused great confusion, demoralization, and anger. We must learn the lessons of this defeat, to regather our forces and go on the offensive against the Tories.

100 Years on: the Founding of the Communist International

The Third International became a vital school of revolutionary ideas and strategy. Rob Sewell (editor of Socialist Appeal, British journal of the IMT) looks back on this momentous event.

"Trade Wars are Good"—Trump Threatens Fragile World Economy

If Trump carries through on his threats to impose big tariffs on steel and aluminum, the world economy could plunge into another deep slump.

History and Lessons of the Militant Tendency—Part Two

The rise of the Corbyn movement in Britain have resulted in a renewed interest in the Militant—the Marxist tendency in the labor movement that became a household name.

In Defense of Marx's Labor Theory of Value

First developed by the early bourgeois economists, the labor theory of value has now become an anathema in bourgeois circles, not least because of its revolutionary implications.

Why You Should be a Socialist

Rob Sewell, editor of Socialist Appeal (Britain), looks at the ongoing crisis of capitalism, the growing inequality in the world today, and the potential for transforming our lives on the basis of modern technology.

Stock Market Meltdown: Harbinger of New World Slump

World stock markets have been in meltdown from Shanghai and Shenzhen to London and New York. A sea of red blighted the computer screens of the stock exchanges everywhere in a panic global sell-off. Shock […]

Explosive Situation Developing—Where is Britain Heading?

There is no calm in Britain—a feeling of anger, bitterness and disillusionment exists everywhere. While in Scotland it found an expression in support for the SNP, it found no outlet in England and Wales. It […]

General Election Disaster for Working People as Tories Stay in Power

Last night the right-wing leadership of the British Labour Party led Labour to a resounding electoral defeat. Trying to out-Tory the Tories, Labour lost its appeal to large numbers of youth and workers, and found […]

May Day—A History of Working Class Struggles

In celebration of May Day, we republish this 2001 May Day article written by Rob Sewell, editor of the UK Socialist Appeal.

Capitalist Economy: Staggering From One Impasse to the Next

Once more, the world economy is dangling on the edge of a precipice. The crisis in Greece has again hit the headlines and threatens to drag Europe down with it. The days when capitalism could […]

The Organic Crisis of Capitalism

“Where were the Marxists in 2008, when the demise of Lehman Brothers almost brought about the collapse of capitalism?” asks a puzzled Ralph Atkins, the capital markets editor of the Financial Times. Well, unlike Mr. […]

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