The Revolutionary Communist International Has Arrived!

After a fantastic week of revolutionary ideas and inspirational reports from all over the world, the founding conference of the Revolutionary Communist International concluded with a unanimous vote to launch this new International.

The founding conference of the Revolutionary Communist International begins!
The Founding Conference of the Revolutionary Communist International Begins!

Communists from every corner of the globe gathered for the first day of the founding conference of the Revolutionary Communist International.

May Day 2024: The Communists Are Coming!

Across the world, communists were on the streets for International Workers’ Day offering a revolutionary alternative to the tepid offering from the “official” reformist leaders.

World School of Communism
The Communists Are Coming! How YOU Can Promote the RCI Founding Conference

A new Revolutionary Communist International (RCI) will launch in June. In the run-up, we need you to go out and paint every street, in every neighborhood, in every nation red.

Communists Launch Largest Recruitment Drive since World War II

Communists across America held marches, rallies, meetings, and recruitment stalls on Saturday, April 6 to launch the largest communist recruitment drive since World War II.

Revolutionaries Around the Globe Explain Why They’re Coming to the World School of Communism!

The global crisis of capitalism is pushing workers and young people in one country after another towards revolutionary communism! As a result, we’ve been receiving dozens of messages and requests to participate in the founding […]

School of communism
Less than 100 Days until the World School of Communism: Program Announcement!

In 100 days, the International Marxist Tendency will host a conference: The World School of Communism.

Hundreds of Millions Watch Launch of the Revolutionary Communists of America!

The launch of the Revolutionary Communists of America has caused something of a sensation. In total, millions in the US and hundreds of millions around the world have seen the launch videos.

Class Fighters Gather Across the US to Launch the Revolutionary Communists of America

On February 25, hundreds of comrades gathered nationwide to discuss the founding of the Revolutionary Communists of America—a new political party for the new generation of class fighters eager to get active and organized in […]

Lenin Lives! Attend the Launch of Our International Campaign!

Sunday, January 21, marks 100 years since the death of history’s greatest revolutionary. Join the communists at the launch of a global campaign to commemorate Lenin’s life and works.

Washington Communists Take a Stand for the Intifada!

Socialist Revolution comrades in Bellingham, Washington came under attack from liberals and reactionaries when they organized a rally raising the slogan “One Solution: Intifada, Revolution!”

Britain’s Revolution Festival 2023: The Communists Are Coming!

This year’s Revolution Festival in Britain was an event like none other. 1,000 communists from across the world gathered for an inspiring, historic event, energized by the momentous next step: launching the Revolutionary Communist Party.