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The jailing of communist rapper Pablo Hasél has unleashed a groundswell of anger across Catalonia and Spain, with mass demonstrations that have been met with vicious repression at the hands of the state.

California Governor Newsom lifted the stay-at-home order across the state. The contradictions of capitalism are fully revealed in the conflict between the economy and the population’s health.

The ruling class is increasingly desperate to try to stabilize the situation through state expenditure and other concessions to avoid revolution. This was seen at the World Economic Forum last month.

The 2021 Montreal Marxist Winter School was truly an unprecedented event. More than 1,150 people registered to participate in the school, making this by far the largest Canadian Marxist meeting in recent memory.

The coup in Myanmar has unleashed a movement of revolutionary proportions, with a widespread strike and protest movement. The military junta clearly underestimated the level of opposition they would face.

Image: Ninjastrikers

The military coup in Myanmar unleashed an unexpected movement. In this article, we attempt to outline some of the historical and immediate factors that led to this sudden and sharp change in the situation.

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