Against the backdrop of economic crisis, brutal dictatorship, war, and a lack of leadership, the Burmese working class is facing conditions that once again push them towards struggle.

IF Metall Uppland Sweden

Mechanics at Tesla’s 10 workshops in Sweden have been on strike since October 27, the first strike of its kind at the EV giant.

New York Public Housing

Democrat Eric Adams has launched a full-frontal austerity assault on the workers of New York City while blaming migrants.

On November 7, over two million Ohioans voted “yes” on measure one, forcing the state to protect abortion rights. This was a defensive measure by the workers to protect their class interests, despite the Democrats.

Socialist Revolution comrades in Bellingham, Washington came under attack from liberals and reactionaries when they organized a rally raising the slogan “One Solution: Intifada, Revolution!”

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