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Gustavo Petro and Francia Marquez have won the electoral contest in the Colombian presidential election against right-wing demagogue Rodolfo Hernandez.

Brutal police repression has not stopped the national strike in Ecuador. The ruling class is in a panic, and the movement is taking on an insurrectionary character.

Two years ago this month, the murder of George Floyd sparked a nationwide uprising. In Seattle, one way this movement expressed itself was through the creation of the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone.”

On June 13, a new national strike began in Ecuador. Demands include the freezing of the price of gasoline, price controls on basic foodstuffs, and opposition to privatization.

The biggest international gathering of Marxists this year is fast approaching! We are proud to announce that over 1,800 people from an incredible 100 countries have now registered.

After over 100 days, there is no end in sight to the war in Ukraine. The earlier gung ho statements of the West have turned into more pessimistic appraisals.

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