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The movement in Colombia that successfully beat back Duque’s tax theft is at a crucial juncture. Our Colombian comrades have written the following 10-point thesis for how the struggle must proceed.

Labour’s right-wing leader Keir Starmer is doubling down in the wake of the dismal election results, accelerating the shift to the right. Our comrades in Britain say: Starmer out! Fight for socialism!

Iglesias resigns 2021 Spain

In Madrid, the victory of the right wing is in part due to the failure of Unidas Podemos to break with the policy of parliamentary cretinism.

The Canadian government passed back-to-work legislation to crush the strike of longshore workers in Montreal, Quebec. How can workers fight anti-labor laws?

Talk of a potential military confrontation between China, the United States, and Japan over the question of Taiwan have escalated recently.

Supporters of the International Marxist Tendency are mobilizing all over the world for May Day, raising the banner of revolution and international socialism, as the only solution to capitalist barbarism and the horrors of the […]

Capitalism is crisis Occupy London

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