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The Tunisian government has been ousted in a palace coup, but there can be no faith in any bourgeois faction. The masses can trust only in their own strength.

The much-delayed Tokyo Olympics proceed without fans and amidst general disapproval from Japanese workers and youth—who rightly fear the danger of spreading COVID-19 while being forced to make up the shortfall from ticket sales.

Under pressure to address the climate catastrophe, politicians and investors are cynically putting a green spin on their exploitative activities. Capitalism is killing our planet—only socialist planning can end this destruction.

We received the following report about a horrific practice in China, where school students are contracted to work in factories by their schools and forced to toil in slave-like conditions.

Map of Heat Wave

The capitalist system is responsible for the deadly and unprecedented heat wave in western North America.

Widespread riots in South Africa have been fueled by anger, desperation and frustration over deepening poverty and the economic impact of COVID-19 restrictions.

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