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Korea militant strike

The KCTU’s national mobilization of thousands of workers was a show of force and anger against the brutal realities created by South Korean capitalism.

Pedro Castillo Presidencia Perú Flickr

Under pressure from the Peruvian bourgeois and the representatives of the multinationals, Pedro Castillo’s government is moving to the right.

The recent agreement between Australia, the UK, and the US has caused a crisis in international relations, which has been part of a wider realignment among the imperialist powers.

Assange NDLA

A new report reveals US imperialism’s plot to assassinate Julian Assange, a man charged with the crime of exposing the rotten ruling class.

Leon Trotsky Public Domain

We present here a reading guide to In Defence Of October, which can help comrades digest the key ideas from this classic Marxist text by Leon Trotsky.

Shocking images of the US Border Patrol whipping fleeing Haitian migrants have evoked the imagery of colonialism and slavery, and provoked the indignation around the world.

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