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We are living in what some have been calling a “loneliness epidemic.” Only communism will give us the ability to repair human relations and create a world run on the basis of genuine solidarity.

Zelensky Avdiivka

The announcement by the Russian Ministry of Defense that its forces had full control of the Ukrainian town of Avdiivka represents a devastating blow to Ukraine.

In yet another scandalous attack on freedom of expression, a number of our Austrian comrades have been summoned by a state prosecutor for their support for the IMT and Palestine.

The billionaire owners of the Philadelphia 76ers are pushing a new arena which would devour Chinatown. In the face of widespread opposition, the capitalists are leaning on poisonous identity politics to divide the working class.

Port Talbot

Tata’s decision to close its Port Talbot steelworks will devastate the town. British communists have launched a campaign for workers to get organized, occupy the plant, and demand its full nationalization.

The recent onslaught of rainfall in California, dropping over a foot of rain in some places, stands as a stark reminder of the dire consequences of climate change in the era of capitalism’s implosive decay.