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The brutal killing of Jîna Emînî by the Iranian “Morality Police” ignited a militant mass movement across Kurdistan. The only way forward is a revolutionary mass struggle using working-class methods.


William Ruto was sworn in as Kenya’s president last week, after a close-fought election against Raila Odinga. Today more than ever, a revolutionary organization based on Marxist theory and methods is needed in Kenya.

Fuel price hikes in Indonesia have been met with mass demonstrations that have spread from city to city as tens of thousand take to the streets.

Ukrainian forces have made significant advances on the Kharkiv front, forcing the Russians into a disorganized retreat. Where did this surprise counteroffensive come from and what is its significance?

While panic abounds about the inevitable victory of a right-wing coalition in the upcoming Italian election, workers and youth have few illusions that a change at the top will improve their situation.

Since joining the IMT, I’ve begun to understand the world around me. With Marxism, I now have a clear way out of the crisis of capitalism: the path to socialism.

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