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Revolutionary Philosophy of Marxism Book

The following writings by Trotsky revolve around the relationship between socialism and scientific progress.

2019 Iran Protests Fire

Last Friday, the Iranian government made a surprise announcement of deep cuts to fuel subsidies. Since then, tens of thousands of youth have taken to the streets.

The IMT held its annual NYC Marxist School on November 9 & 10, with nearly 100 in attendance. The higher turnout shows the rising interest in Marxist ideas.

Corbyn vs Boris Johnson

This general election is going to mark a fundamental turning point in Britain. It will have colossal ramifications internationally.

Organized with our class brothers and sisters in all other industries, truck drivers can win higher wages, better benefits and working conditions, and more hours at home.

The history of the Democratic Party shows that the only way for the working class to fight for a new system is through a party that is not rooted in capitalism.

Capitalism is crisis Occupy London

What Will Socialism Look Like?

Marxism Basics
Marxist Economics
Delacroix Liberty Leading Red Flag

The Marxist Conception of History

Cover for The Revolutionary Philosophy of Marxism
Marxist Philosophy
Churchill Roosevelt and Stalin Yalta Conference
What is Stalinism?
Marxist Theory
Socialist Revolution Issue 18 Cover


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