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Marx and Engels

We present a reading guide for Engles’ classic work Anti-Düring. The book is an encyclopedic survey of the Marxist conception of philosophy, natural science, and history.

The ALU has fired labor’s opening shots against the retail giant. The immense size of the working class and its indispensable role in production and distribution are decisive advantages in the fight against Amazon and […]

The cold-blooded murder of Palestinian reporter Shireen Abu Akleh further exposes the brutality of the Israeli state, and lays bare the repulsive hypocrisy of its imperialist allies.

Ramona Africa, the only adult surviver of the brutal 1985 police bombing of the MOVE house in Philadelphia, tells her side of the story.

In this podcast episode, Laura Brown and Joel Bergman discuss the reasons and impact of a repeal of Roe v. Wade and provide a Marxist perspective to fight back against this egregious attack on abortion […]

Sinn Féin’s victory in the Northern Ireland Assembly elections is a devastating blow to the prestige of British imperialism and another tear in the fraying fabric of the so-called “United Kingdom.”

Churchill Roosevelt and Stalin Yalta Conference

What is Stalinism?

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Marxist Philosophy
Marxist Theory
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