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The recent G7 meeting was heralded as a comeback for America and its allies to stifle the rise of China. Instead, the summit only confirmed the decline and disunity of Western imperialism.

The Knesset has narrowly elected a new government—ending Benjamin Netanyahu’s racist, bloody, and corrupt 12-year rule. However, the new government is anything but progressive. The change reflects a deepening crisis within the Israeli ruling class.

Unison NEC Left Victory 2021 Britain

The victory of left-wing candidates in the Unison elections could set in motion the transformation of Britain’s largest union, and of the entire British labor movement.

The recent outbreak of COVID-19 in the town of Odemira, Portugal has brought to light conditions of modern slavery, involving human trafficking and the exploitation of migrant workers.

In April, the Communist Party of Cuba held its 8th congress, which culminated the process of replacing the historical leadership in a context of economic crisis and dangerous economic reforms.

The victory of Pedro Castillo in the Peruvian presidential election reflects the enormous social and political polarization in the country.

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