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Socialist Revolution comrades are mobilizing around the country to stand in solidarity with striking workers who are fighting for higher wages, better working conditions, and the right to unionize.

A police investigation has revealed links between a neo-Nazi terrorist cell plotting attacks in Italy and fascist groups in Ukraine, including the notorious Azov battalion.

Having peered deep into the cosmos, the James Webb telescope is sending back images that defy the established cosmology and point to a universe that is infinite in time and space.

Hundreds of students, workers, and political activists participated in the Halla Bol youth convention organized by the Progressive Youth Alliance in Karachi.

Recently in LA, a fascist group dropped a banner over a freeway that read: “Kanye is right.” How can we explain the recent rise in antisemitism, and what should the response of Marxists be?

Strike in Greece 11/9/22

The 24-hour general strike in Greece represents a striking example of the power of the working class. Now is the time to escalate the struggle.

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