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Sweden went from being one of the most equal countries in the world to one with greater wealth inequality than Nigeria, the Philippines, Haiti, and the United States.

Resolute communist idea are reverberating with the Basque youth. The road ahead will be hard, but revolutionary optimism is the order of the day!

We reprint here a public statement by the Canadian section of the IMT. The US section of the IMT stands in solidarity with our sister section in the face of this recent political attack.

The devastating effects of global warming are being felt by billions of people all around the world. Meanwhile, capitalist fat cats are downplaying the risks and raking in the profits.

The International Marxist University begins in just three days, with over 6,000 people signed up so far from an incredible 133 countries, all looking for the ideas needed to put an end to this decaying, […]

The real legacy of Mr. Abe is a massive collapse of living standards for the Japanese working class, all the while ensuring that the ruling class continues to enrich itself.

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