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A new study of in-house research by ExxonMobil revealed that the oil giant had detailed and accurate predictions of the impact of fossil fuels on global warming as early as the 1970s.

Jan '23 pension protests France

More than a million people were on the streets of France at over 200 rallies, as part of a national strike against President Emmanuel Macron’s latest attack on pensions.

A string of deadly storms battered the US this winter. Capitalism is again proving incapable of keeping up with a weather of extremes fueled by climate change.

NHS Strike UK

The current crisis unfolding within Britain’s NHS is the result of years of austerity and privatization. But healthcare workers are fighting back!

The feature article in the latest edition of In Defence of Marxism takes on the Spanish Conquest of the Americas, which far from a “meeting of cultures,” was a bloody affair resulting in the extermination of […]

One hundred years ago French troops invaded the Ruhr. This occupation, combined with hyperinflation, sparked revolutionary convulsions across Germany.

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