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[Audio] Attend the Founding Congress of the RCA!

Help us found the party that will overthrow capitalism. Our congress is in Philadelphia, PA […]

[Video] Communists Respond to Trump Assassination Attempt

Antonio Balmer and Laura Brown discuss the attempted assassination of Trump & the accelerated decline […]

[Audio] Class War Pt.2 – How Communists Built the Labor Movement

In the second of two episodes, Tom Trottier and Laura Brown discuss the history of […]

[Audio] What is Imperialism?

The imperialist wars in Ukraine and Gaza characterize the horror without end that is capitalism. […]

[Audio] How the Bolshevik Party was Built

How did the Bolshevik party endure the adversity it faced leading up to 1917? Antonio […]

[Video] How Marxists are Formed

The starting point for all of our activities is political clarity. Only by building in […]

[Audio] How to Recruit Communists & Build a Cell

The eleventh episode of Communists of America is now on air: There are potentially tens […]

[Audio] Criminal Charges Over a Communist Leaflet: Defend Milos!

The eighth episode of Communists of America is now on air: Our communist cell distributed […]

Revolutionary Communist International Video
[Video] A New Revolutionary Communist International Is Coming

On June 10, hundreds of communists will gather in Italy, joined by thousands participating online, to found a new Revolutionary Communist International to fight for socialist revolution across the globe.

[Audio] Class War Pt. 1: The Resurgence of the US Labor Movement

The US is living through a revival in the class struggle. There’s a fresh layer of the working class that wants to organize and fight for a better society.

[Audio] Globalize the Intifada

Student activists have escalated the Palestine solidarity movement significantly, establishing encampments at campuses across the country.

[Audio] Why We’re Leninists

The third episode of Communists of America is now on air: Vladimir Lenin was the […]