Hundreds of Millions Watch Launch of the Revolutionary Communists of America!

On Sunday, February 25, communists in the US announced the launch of a brand new organization: the Revolutionary Communists of America (RCA). In just a week, it has caused something of a sensation. Social, mainstream, and state media outlets quickly picked up on the news. In total, millions in the US and hundreds of millions around the world have seen the launch videos which were picked up by state media in a number of countries. The announcement has become a beacon for communists and class fighters across the continent and beyond, with the RCA being flooded with hundreds of write-ins in just one week.

It’s not hard to understand why the announcement was received with such elation. To see communists openly declaring that they have arrived in the United States—the belly of the beast, the center of world capitalism, home of McCarthyism—and marching in downtown Brooklyn, has caused millions to sit up and pay attention.

To see communists making strides forward and outwardly launching a new organization has confounded the view that “communism could never take off in America.” But this shouldn’t come as a surprise. US capitalism is in a deep crisis, the “American Dream” has turned into an American nightmare, and millions of workers and young people have had enough of the status quo and are looking for a serious alternative. For many young communists, who have been radicalized by events but thought they were isolated individuals until now, the announcement has been received with jubilation.

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As one worker and trade unionist put it after attending the launch event: “I couldn’t believe an organization like this already existed, it’s everything I’ve been looking for.”

Many more have written in to join from far beyond the United States. To young people and workers everywhere, we say: if you are a revolutionary communist, join us. Wherever you are, you can participate this summer in the World School of Communism where we will be founding a new Revolutionary Communist International—an international, fighting organization to overthrow capitalism everywhere and create a new, communist world.

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The reception of the launch has been phenomenal. The video announcing the reasons for founding the RCA has been viewed no less than 19,000 times on YouTube.

But that was just the beginning. On social media, scenes of our comrades marching through New York went viral. Right-wingers, Trump supporters, and even Jordan Peterson picked up on the X/Twitter video and reposted it, scandalized that communists were marching in force through the streets of New York!

In total, that one video of comrades marching under a sea of hammer and sickle flags received 2.3 million views in just a couple of days.

It clearly wasn’t just right-wingers who were watching with interest, as the RCA received over 300 write ins to our new website from communists all over the United States looking to join.

Scroll to the end of this article to read a few of the powerful messages we’ve received from these young revolutionaries who are looking to get organized. We feel they give a small glimpse of the powerful mood building among hundreds of thousands, and even millions, of young people who are looking for a way out of the horrors of capitalism—they are looking for communists.

But it didn’t stop there. After being announced to the world in English and creating a viral storm on social media, the news was picked up internationally. An enthusiastic individual took the initiative and dubbed the launch video into Russian.

From there, the news was picked up by Russian state media and received 800,000 views on Russia Today’s official Telegram channel. Meanwhile, Chinese state media also picked up on the news, and at one point, the launch video, with Chinese subtitles, became the second most searched item on Baidu (the most popular Chinese search engine). Since then, countless websites, including major state and private media, have republished the report and the video on many platforms. We estimate that as many as 200 million viewers across all platforms have seen the report or watched the video as a result!

Of course, Chinese and Russian state media have their own reasons for bringing attention to the launch of the RCA. Clearly, they are engaging in a bit of schadenfreude at the expense of their powerful imperialist rival, as if to say, “look at how bad things are getting for the Americans when the communists are gaining an echo there!”

To be clear: the International Marxist Tendency, of which the RCA is the US section, stands for communist revolution everywhere. This includes both Russia and China, where the misnamed “Communist” Party has overseen the restoration of capitalism—and where capitalism has hit a brick wall since the crisis of 2020.

Just as a mood of anger is building towards the capitalist system in the United States, the same mood is building everywhere. The day is coming when the Russian and Chinese workers will rise up to settle accounts with their own ruling classes. The schadenfreude of these ruling classes will then be seen as quite misplaced, as the specter of communist revolution comes home to haunt them too. In the meantime, we welcome any publicity they give to the genuine communists, whatever their reasons are for giving it.

Inundated with messages

To give our readers a flavor of the mood that is out there, we publish below a few of the more than 300 heartfelt messages that have inundated the RCA since the announcement of the launch one week ago. Although there are many of them and some of the messages are long, we encourage our readers to read them carefully. They speak eloquently to a mood growing among a vast layer of workers and youth.

From Woodbury, CT

We can’t continue living under this oppressive, destructive capitalist system. We need a vanguard party to fight for positive change and global cooperation. CPUSA and other left parties seem to be more interested in appeasing the liberals than enacting direct change tactics. I am looking for like-minded comrades to work with and share common goals.

From Burlington, Maine

The weight of standing idly by as capitalists steal our future is crushing my soul.

From Rio Grande City, TX

I watched your video and the line “we can’t keep scrolling through Twitter and listening to leftist podcasts” got me. I was in the DSA but was really disillusioned with them post the Sanders campaigns. I have always considered myself to be a communist and this movement rekindled my hope for our success.

From Philadelphia, PA

I have seen and experienced, for myself, the negative effects of capitalism and its inability to solve much need-to-be-solved problems. A few years back I got introduced to the idea of Marxism and read a ton of Communist literature. I want to see change happen, and I believe the RCA can help achieve that. I am willing to fight!

From Wilmington, OH

I have been searching and waiting literal years for a solid communist party to join in the United States. After witnessing first hand all the damage capitalism and the American empire has inflicted on the earth and its people, I would feel like a traitor to my planet if I didn’t do something to prevent it from getting worse … Our comrades of the past have laid out the blueprints, it’s up to us to build the dream for our comrades of the future. Even if I may never live to see communism, I will do ANYTHING to make sure my kids, and their kids can. That being said … I would love to join this party to start getting real work done. Thank you.

From Coeur d’Alene, ID

I’m a 32-year-old father of five, and I know that the USA, as it currently stands, is an existential threat to my life, my children, and my community. I have been a tenant for 13 years, and despite paying hundreds of thousands in rent, I will likely never own a home. I have worked countless terrible jobs and know what it is like to feel powerless and helpless working your days away just to scrape by. In my youth, I believed in the “American Dream.” At 18, I foolishly joined the military and was another boot for American imperialism. During two deployments to West Asia, I understood for the first time that America was the terrorist; I was complicit in hurting innocent people overseas and that fact will always haunt me. I struggled with drug addiction for years coping with the reality of what I had been a part of. The beautiful lakes, forests, and mountains I call home are crying out for help, and if I want our beautiful world to still exist for all future generations, then there is only one choice; socialism or extinction. I know what side I’m on. Love and Solidarity!

From Springfield, MO

I can no longer sit idly by and watch the atrocities of capitalism and imperialism be carried out. I must do something. It is a deep burning feeling that was reignited by the flames of our fallen comrade Aaron Bushnell.

From Albuquerque, New Mexico

I was radicalized during the COVID-19 pandemic. I am a healthcare worker and have seen firsthand what happens to patients, providers, and other healthcare workers when we put profits over people. I read Marx, Lenin, and Rosa Luxembourg. Tired of sitting on my ass and listening to pods. Ready to bring the fight to the ownership class.

From Lexington, TN

I have made three comrades where I work, and I will be educating them about this party tomorrow and encouraging them to take the time to consider joining. I have attempted to form a local party, as well as form alliances with different groups in my small town, and create a new sense of community in my workplace, which has met with some success. Many people in my workplace listen to me with interest and understanding on the topics of politics, economics, and environmentalism, and I try to educate them in every department I have any knowledge of, so they may better form their own opinions and come to new conclusions … Marxism has saved my life, and what I want in this world is to give back everything that has been given to me, to help our people grow as a society, to help our people get their needs, to help our people not be alienated, exploited, and abused by the parasitic bourgeoise who get their wealth and power from siphoning off the wealth of the labor of the people, as Marx spoke of in Wage Labor and Capital, among his many other works … I wish nothing more than to be able to give my time and labor to a movement, to a party which will herald the changing of our country into something that serves the masses. Solidarity comrades!

From Kansas City, MO

Capitalism has GOT TO GO. Right now, I’m a first-year college [student], at the age of 24, pursuing political science. When I was 17, I lost my mom, and my dad, who I never got to meet, hung himself. During the 2020 pandemic, I was homeless. I did what I was told to do by society. I got a job at FedEx, and I rode a bicycle 10 miles over hilling terrain, to load trailers, and in the dark to get back home, I did this for 9 months got an apartment, then lost the job during the winter because I couldn’t get there. Landlord sold the property, new company wanted to remodel and resell so when my lease was up I was homeless again. This is my personal anecdote of how capitalism and “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” is a lie. I have experience in volunteering for political campaigns, I canvassed for Bernie Sanders in 2020, and have been gathering signatures to get the Green Party on the ballot in Missouri. However, I been struck by this sense of dread with the 2024 election coming up,and depression has been crippling me, I really only went to school for a dorm room, so I’d have a roof over my head, and I’m just surviving at this point, and I struggle to find a reason to go on, because the challenge is like taking on a brick wall, and I’m slowing chiseling away at it hoping to see the other side, know that I probably never will, but if we can bring together enough people to chisel this wall together, even if it’s not in our lifetimes, we know that wall will be brought down.

From Salem, IL

I am tired of sitting idly by and watching genocide, endless wars, mental health crises, pandemics, growing inequality and exploitation, racism (and the accompanying presence of the reactionary jackboot), and too many other issues to mention breed, fester, and putrefy our world. This world may be lost and left uninhabitable to humans (and many, many other animals) due to climate change if capitalism and its hegemonic order isn’t smashed to bits, done away with, and the power of the new proletarian state seized by the workers. I do not know much. I have only read a little. I have a lot to learn. However, as Mao or Lenin might say—talk is cheap. The biggest political education will be found in revolutionary action (as important as the theory still is). I’m tired of watching the average human being suffer and die to line the pockets of a rapacious and insatiable few at the very top. I’m tired of feeling like the most I can do about this is to like a video or two, subscribe to a leftist youtube channel, and pay my ineffectual DSA dues in the nebulous hopes that a big-tent democratic socialist organization will get enough people together to eventually have some actual effect. Instead, I want to be able to say that I was part of the movement that destroyed this system entirely.

As a person who is currently disabled, my only fear is that I won’t be as active or effective as a more socially capable person might be. I understand there is important hands-on work to be done; my largest concern is that I won’t be helpful enough in doing this work. I hope to recover as quickly as possible, but I can’t see the future to know how long this will take. I understand if there simply isn’t a place for someone like me at this time, and I’d have no bitter feelings if that’s the case.

Anyways, thank you for your time and consideration, comrades. Most of all, thank you for your work and revolutionary spirit!

From Kalamazoo, Michigan

I have been a Marxist for some time now, and have tried joining any organization in order to help with general agitation and education, as well as providing help and support for the most marginalized and vulnerable members of society. However, I have not found a group that is serious about their work and explicit about their Marxist and Leninist beliefs until I stumbled upon this one recently. I would love to join a group of comrades that seems to align so very closely with my political stances, and I look forward to working towards a future beyond capitalism.

From San Diego, CA

It’s long overdue for me. I’ve been complacent for far too long. I want to abolish the capitalist system for the sake of my children and their future.

From Lubbock, Texas

We must unify in order to bring change … I want to watch capitalism draw its last breath in the USA in my lifetime.

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