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Election 2024: Why “Genocide Joe” and Trump’s System Has to Go

Communists have no illusions that serious societal change can result from the farce of bourgeois elections. The future is one of mass struggle and preparing for revolution—not electioneering and horse-trading for piddling reforms.

Intifada Until Victory!

The IMT stands resolutely with the Palestinian masses in this conflict. The orgy of imperialist killing can only be stopped through united working-class action on a world scale.

The Communists Are Here!

As the pace of history accelerates, humanity is approaching a decisive crossroads, and we must have a sense of urgency. Fortunately, the communists are not merely coming—we are already here!

Our Ideology and Theirs

What gives the revolutionary forces of Bolshevism order and strength is not merely discipline and commitment, but confidence in our guiding principles, the rightness of which is tested and confirmed by the experience of the […]

80 Years since the Dissolution of the Communist International

The Communist International was a declaration of war on the whole capitalist world. Under the control of Stalin and Zinoviev, it transformed into its opposite. 80 years ago this month, Stalin dissolved it.

Socialism or Barbarism? We Fight for Socialism!

Over the millennia, humans have organized society in many different ways. We can and must reorganize it again, this time in the majority’s interests.

The Commies Are Coming!

The sad attempt at provoking a new Red Scare doesn’t have any serious traction. But the communists are, indeed, coming. They’re coming, not to reform capitalism, but to abolish it.

The Civil War: America’s Second Revolution

The American Civil War is an event of world-historic significance. This revolutionary war overthrew slavery as a mode of exploitation and laid the ground for the rapid development of US capitalism.

Capitalism’s Impending Catastrophe

The ruling class is in turmoil, fearful of a social, political, and economic “permacrisis.” The only way out: implacable class independence and struggle as we build a disciplined force that can ensure the victory of […]

Capitalism Can’t Combat Climate Change

Judging by the liberal press, the only way forward for humanity is to ensure the Democrats maintain control of Congress in the midterms. But an even more urgent crisis faces our species: climate change.

Capitalism at an Impasse

Only the conscious efforts of the working class can ensure the victory of the world socialist revolution and bring order out of capitalism’s chaos. Editorial for issue 34 of Socialist Revolution magazine.

No War But the Class War!

Marxists must be clear on the fundamental class dynamics of the war. Behind the lofty lies and rhetoric lurk the class interests of the capitalists. Editorial for issue 32 of Socialist Revolution.