The Revolutionary Communists of America is the party organizing for revolution in the US and worldwide. Our aim is to organize the working class to take power and end capitalism once and for all.

If you agree, become a sustaining member of the RCA! Contribute to the cause with monthly donations, to sustain the party’s work and extend it across the US and worldwide. All Sustaining Members receive a free subscription to the party’s monthly magazine.

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As you might imagine, the capitalists are not going to fund those who want to end their system! We are funded 100% by our members and supporters. Our generation is faced with a choice between communism or barbarism. Your donation represents an investment in the future of humanity.

Payments can be via the form or through Venmo to @Wellred-Donate (which saves us banking transaction fees). If you prefer to pay via check or cash, payments can be addressed to:
PO Box 1575
New York, NY 10013