Climate Change Crisis

In 2019 the IPCC reported we had a mere 12 years to drastically reduce our carbon output or else bypass the 1.5 degree threshold and bear dire consequences for climate catastrophe. In the two years since this report, our politicians have shown they have no answer to this crisis. Trump and the republicans outright deny this threat, and Biden and the democrats promise reforms while taking money from fossil fuel companies and doing as little as possible to address the problem.

To continue life on this planet as we know it, a comprehensive restructuring of our energy production and economy is needed, but the capitalist system has no way of making these adjustments. The capitalist system and the profit motive created the conditions that led to this crisis, and they are the very things preventing us from making the changes necessary to address it.

In order to tackle climate change, we must tackle its systemic causes and build a system of production that serves the needs of humanity and the planet as a whole, rather than the whims of a very small portion of society.

Join us at the International Marxist Tendency for a discussion on this critical issue and its connection to capitalism and the socialist revolution.


Apr 15 2021


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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