February 2014 Fighting Fund Appeal

NEWWILLOGO1SmallerKarl Marx’s Capital is the only scientific analysis of how capitalism really functions. In his three-volume masterpiece, Marx explained that the capitalists wish that workers could just live off “the air.” As he put it, “The constant tendency of capital is to force the cost of labor back towards this absolute zero.”

 In December, 13.1%, or over 20,296,000 people were counted as unemployed or underemployed, according to the seasonally adjusted figures. Many of these people have run out of unemployment benefits, which Congress refused to extend as its Christmas gift to the working class. We should note that most of the decline in the unemployment rate from November to December came from the people who are unemployed and have “dropped out” of the labor force. No doubt, an increase in drug, spousal, and child abuse, alcoholism, and suicide will be linked to this misery.

What about those fortunate enough to have a job? Real wages (adjusted for inflation) have declined since the early 1970s. The minimum wage is in fact lower, in real terms, than it was in 1968! Many workers used to have pensions and health care benefits, but this is no longer the case. More workers who do get health benefits must pay a greater portion of this cost, which further lowers their wages.

These cuts are not just having an effect on the fast food workers and the more oppressed sections of the working class. Look at Boeing, one of the Fortune 500 corporations that makes billions of dollars. The company just threatened its own workforce in Seattle with possible unemployment. These skilled workers, members of the IAM machinists’ union, are some of the most highly paid workers in the country.

But even they cannot escape the laws of capitalism. These workers were pushed by their national union leaders to accept a rotten contract. This could have ended differently. If Marxists were present in that union, the workers could have been shown a strategy to beat the bosses. The power that the workers have at that factory, their potential power to win over other Boeing workers around the country and the world, plus the power of the workers who supply Boeing, could bring the company to its knees.

That is why we need to build the forces of Marxism in every factory, workplace, union, and campus. But in order to build the International Marxist Tendency in the US we need cash, as everything costs money. Last year, we had a goal of raising $15,050 for our Fighting Fund from April 1 to December 31, 2013. We collected $13,776.60, and with $1,900 in pledges yet to come in, we aim to make and break the target!

This year, let’s continue and expand our efforts. If you did not give in 2013, please consider giving in 2014. Have a monthly fundraising party. Ask a contact for a contribution. Ask a friend to subscribe to Socialist Appeal. Let’s make 2014 a Red New Year! Thanks for your support and forward to socialism!


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