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We’ve come a long way since we began publication of Socialist Appeal in the aftermath of September 11th. These have been tumultuous years of war, revolution, and counter-revolution, and Socialist Appeal has consistently provided news and analysis from a working class and Marxist perspective. Eight years ago, we began as a quarterly publication. We now produce eight issues per year and are continually adapting to the needs of the rapidly changing world situation, which demands a Marxist analysis more than ever. In order to better respond to the need for an immediate analysis of current events, we have also greatly expanded and improved our website as well as contributing regularly to

Over the years, our readership has grown tremendously, and SA is now carried in bookstores from coast-to-coast, making our ideas available to an ever-wider audience. Our web sites receive tens of thousands of visits from the US, showing the tremendous potential for the ideas of revolutionary Marxism in the “belly of the beast.”

With the current economic crisis, growing unemployment, the ongoing wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, etc., the need to end the capitalist system of exploitation is becoming increasingly apparent to millions, but fewer are clear about what should replace it. There is a thirst for ideas, a desire to understand the apparent chaos that dominates our lives.

The Workers International League believes that the solution is socialism, that if our program were implemented, humanity would enter a new and more prosperous stage of development, a  world free from war, discrimination, poverty, homelessness and unemployment.

In order to connect this message with those layers of workers and youth now beginning to openly question the capitalist system, we aim to increase the print-run of SA, the quality of its layout and design, the regularity of its publication, and the size and scope of each issue.  Our next issue will be Issue 50, which is a milestone for this publication and the Workers International League. With your help, we’d like to use this opportunity to greatly improve the quality of Socialist Appeal.

We therefore appeal to our readers, sympathizers and supporters to make a donation of any amount toward our $5,000 Fall Press Fund drive. We also invite you to renew or take out a subscription, or buy one for a friend, co-worker, or family member. Donate $100 or more and we’ll give you a 2 year Solidarity Subscription to Socialist Appeal.

The first tremors of the World Revolution are being felt from Latin America to Iran. Here in the US, workers have occupied a factory for the first time since the 1930s. With your support, Socialist Appeal will be there at every stage of the struggle. We also invite you to join the Workers International League. Join us in the struggle for a better world!

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