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[Leaflet] Fight for Socialist Revolution!

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Bernie Sanders’s campaign has electrified millions and shown the potential for socialist ideas to get a mass echo. The idea that socialism is somehow “un-American” has been replaced by growing enthusiasm and interest. Most people are concerned about the economy and feel betrayed by the establishment. The Democratic Party clearly cannot serve as a vehicle for fundamental change. The only way forward is to break with both big-business parties and to begin building an independent socialist party, and Bernie should run as its first presidential candidate. Polls show that a majority of young people consider themselves to be working class, oppose capitalism, and are in favor of socialism. With this base of support, such a party would turn US politics upside down!

The unions have a key role to play in this. They must break with the “lesser evil” approach to politics and build a party of, by, and for the working class—not the bosses. By combining the electoral struggle for socialist policies with trade union organizing drives, the labor movement would be revitalized and rapidly reverse decades of declines. If the current labor leadership isn’t up to the task of defending the interests of the workers by fighting capitalism, then new leaders will be needed.

A mass socialist party would be truly democratic, with its policies and leaders elected and controlled by the membership. It would have its own press, television, and radio, to combat the lies of the capitalist media. It would not only run for elections at all levels of government, it would organize protests against racist police murders, support workers on strike, and help organize the unorganized to raise wages and improve working conditions. It would fight for the nationalization of the top 500 corporations, to be run on the basis of democratic workers’ and public control, not by an unelected bureaucracy. It would fight for a massive program of useful public works to rebuild the country’s crumbling infrastructure. Universal employment and labor protections, socialized healthcare and free education would transform hundreds of millions of people’s lives.

Achieving a socialist revolution will require lots of hard work, study, and organization—and there’s no time like the present to get involved! The working class has enormous potential power, but is held back by its present pro-capitalist leadership. We invite you to join the International Marxist Tendency (IMT) to help build the embryo of a revolutionary leadership—the kind the working class needs and deserves. In solidarity with our working class sisters and brothers around the world, we can collectively liberate humanity and end the horrors of capitalism once and for all!

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