Letter from an Auto Worker

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To The Editor:

Reading about the GM Ottawa plant [in Issue 40 of Socialist Appeal], I must say that its just like deja vu here in Fenton MO, at the Chrysler mini-van Plant. It goes to show that, just because it’s in your contract, it doesn’t seem to hold much water anymore. By Nov. 1st The St. Louis South Van Plant will be idled, just a nice word for now till they start pulling equipment Nov 2nd…

The St. Louis North Truck Plant will be next. They just went to one shift coming into a brand new model-change. Chrysler has three plants producing this truck. They are surely not going to close or idle the Mexican Plant. Neither of these two plants are called out for closure or idling during this contract period. Isn’t this why we have language in our contracts about “product commitments,” and “plant closure” language along with sourcing languages? This needs to be a huge wake-up call to all CAW and UAW workers.

Just because it is called out in, or not in, the contract, basically is some B.S. I guess we are gonna have to start putting warning labels on our Agreements. We all damn sure should never again vote on our agreements based on a “prepared highlight” of the contract. Even your own Union will dupe you on these… I learned my lesson… never again.


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