Mexico: FD Police authorities repress the movement of students excluded from universities

On Monday, August 6, hundreds of students that previously gathered together in a movement opposing the non-admission of students to university education, demonstrated in front of the IPN headquarters in Mexico city. They wanted a reply from the IPN authorities to their demand to be admitted to the courses.

Through this mobilisation the students were trying to force the authorities to start talks. This has not been possible so far because of the negative attitude of the authorities.

Instead of accepting a dialogue with the students and opening negotiations, the authorities of the Polytechnic University decided to repress the sit-in that the students held in protest in the General Headship offices.

At around midnight, Federal District Police forces were deployed to repress the sit-in and many of our comrades have been arrested. This comes after a series of increasingly hard attacks that have been directed against the movement and our organization from the Federal government over the last months.

We demand:

1. Immediate release without conditions and without charges of all our comrades

2. Immediate cessation of the repression against the activists of CLEP-CEDEP and of the Marxist Tendency “Militante”.

3. Full respect of the political rights and freedom for the students.

We hold Felipe Calderón and Marcelo Ebrard Casaubon personally responsible for the physical, spiritual and psychological well-being of the arrested comrades. The false president of Mexico and the Governor of the Federal District will be considered the offenders of any kind of damage the comrades may suffer.

We call on all our readers, the youth and the workers to be alert and join massively the march called for the National Day in Defence of Public Education. The march will be on August 8, at 16.00 from “Ángel de la Independencia” to “Los Pinos”.

Conscious students, don’t surrender, don’t sell out

Workers and students united in struggle

United and organised ¡¡Venceremos!!

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Monday, August 6

See also the Spanish original.

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