BJP in El Salvador

New attack in El Salvador: Against repression sign here!

A member of the El Salvador Bloque Popular Juvenil BPJ [Popular Youth Block] has disappeared and his life may be at risk. Please add your voice to the protest! Sign the petition here!
BJP March El Salvador


Comrades of the various revolutionary organisations:

The Bloque Popular Juvenil BPJ [Popular Youth Block] wishes to denounce before the various organisations of [Mesoamerica] the harassment that we are suffering at the hands of the present government of Elias Antonio Saca through the various state institutions and now also through private bodies. We wish to denounce the disappearance of 21-year old comrade Edwar Francisco Contreras Bonifacio, who was last seen on Wednesday 7th when he left college at 2 o’clock in the afternoon. The comrade had already received death threats from Mr. Catalino Miranda, owner of a minibus company. They had already tried to kill him once before but he managed to escape.

We therefore:

1- Make Mr. Catalino Miranda responsible for the well-being of our comrade.

2- Demand that this individual frees our comrade Edwar Francisco Contreras.

3- Demand that the government of Elías Antonio Saca investigates immediately this situation.

4- And we call on the various organisations to be on guard against violations of human rights that are being carried out once again against social and youth organisations.

And finally we call on the various revolutionary organisations to circulate this information in all their countries and that together we demand an end to this kind of action which is aimed at undermining the revolutionary process.

Answer more repression with more struggle!

See also: Ten students arrested in El Salvador after march against anti-terrorist law (February 1, 2007)

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