North American Marxist School in Montreal / École Marxiste du Nord-Est 2012

With the Arab revolutions, the Euro crisis, the mass movement in Greece, and the Occupy movement, more and more workers and youth are looking for a socialist alternative to capitalist austerity. La Riposte Quebec, Fightback Canada, and Socialist Appeal USA are organizing their second annual Marxist school in Northeast North America to provide Marxist answers to arm militant activists in the struggles to come.

la lutte continueMontreal
February 18-19
L’Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM)

Organized by:
La Riposte Quebec –
Fightback Canada –
Socialist Appeal USA –

Provisional Agenda Items:
Perspectives on the World Capitalist Crisis – by Alex Grant
Lessons of the Spanish Revolution – by Camilo Cahis
The Minneapolis Teamster Rebellion of 1934 – by Mark Rahman
History of Marxist Organizing – by Tom Trottier
In Defence of Marxism – by Joel Bergman
Plus Friday & Saturday evening socials – details to come.

Fees & Registration:
Sliding scale on basis of need.
Food provided.
Contact us at [email protected] to register.

We have negotiated a 20% discount at Jazz Hostel Montreal ( This is an excellent location a short walk away from UQAM, with private, semi-private and budget dormitory rooms at a range of prices, breakfast included. The cheapest bed works out to under $23 per night after tax and discount.

To access the 20% discount you must book online in the name of La Riposte(not your own name) but reserve using your own credit card. Your card will not be charged until you arrive at the hostel (with the 20% discount).

How To Book:
1) Go to
2) Select dates (typically, arrive Friday Feb 17th, 2 nights)
3) Choose your room (dormitory, private, semi-private)
4) Enter personal details for La Riposte (first name, “La”; last name “Riposte”; city, “Montreal”; province “Quebec”; email “ [email protected]“)
5) Enter your credit card details

Note on Cancellations:
To cancel your reservation, you must contact the Front Desk at least 24 hours prior to arrival. In the event of a “No Show” (if you don’t cancel in advance), your credit card will be charged the first night’s total charge (including tax).

Please reserve well in advance before the hostel fills up!

For more information contact us at [email protected],
or call (416) 461-0304 or (438) 887-1917.

Background Reading:

Perspectives on the World Capitalist Crisis:
Plus ongoing analysis from

Lessons of the Spanish Revolution:

The Minneapolis Teamster Rebellion of 1934:

History of Marxist Organizing:

In Defence of Marxism:


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