Petition: Support the Struggle to Nationalize the Brazilian Occupied Factory Flasko!

The Flasko factory which has been occupied and run under workers’ control needs your help. For eleven years this factory has been run without bosses and under the control of the workers. Now they are waging a struggle to have the factory officially nationalized under workers’ control. Flasko needs 10,000 signatures by June 17 to force a public hearing in the Brazilian Senate to discuss their proposal of expropriation of the occupied factory. Please sign using the link below to help the comrades reach this target.

flasko1The factory has been occupied for 11 years, and initially being inactive for three months after the boss dismissed the workers and sold the machines. The occupation was made after occupations of two other factories (Cipla and Interfibra) of the same business group. In those factories, the state intervened, firing workers and dissolving departments.

The legal insecurity is severe—the machines and tools of the factory are being auctioned by the government – but luckily, there is no buyer.

The desired result of the bureaucratic process is the end of these concerns and this legal insecurity of the workers. The former employer’s debts have necessarily resulted in the worker’s fighting for nationalization, but under workers’ control.

There is a signature campaign online now to force the senators in Brazil to discuss the nationalization of Flaskô, absolving the workers of the debts accrued by their former criminal employers. They need help, solidarity, and support.

We ask all our readers to sign the online petition on the Brazilian Senate’s website (Brazilian citizenship is not required) and to spread this petition as wide as possible.

The signature collection has already passed the 2,500 mark. To sign the petition please click here:


Please note that after registering support for the petition, the signature needs to be validated by clicking on a link in an automatic validation email sent from the Brazilian Senate website. Please check the spam folder if you do not receive such an email. A signature is not valid without validation.

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