A collection of leaflets distributed by supporters of Socialist Revolution throughout the country. Click to read the text, and download the PDF files to help us spread a revolutionary socialist program in the movement!

Why All Workers Should Support the Struggle for Immigrants Rights

The latest immigrant rights flyer by the WIL explains why immigrants' issues are working class issues and also explains the need for broad class unity. Print copies and distribute it in your neighborhood, workplace, or […]

Learn More About Marxism

Copy this flyer (preferably on red paper!), print a bunch out and go to your local library or bookstore. In every book by Marxists or about Marxism, Socialism, or Communism, insert a copy. When people […]

Support the Soldiers of Solidarity

A new flyer from the WIL.  Print these out and spread the word about the SoS' campaign of genuine class-wide solidarity against the attacks faced by us all.

Only the Working Class Can Defeat Bush

A new flyer from the WIL.  For use at the March 17-19 anti-war demos and beyond.