Revolutionary Greetings From Around the World

In the name of the International Secretariat and all members of the International Marxist Tendency, I wish to express my most enthusiastic greetings to the first issue of Socialist Revolution. After 100 issues of Socialist Appeal, you recently decided to change the name in order to better connect with the changing mood of society in general and the youth in particular. That was the right thing to do.

This year marks the centenary of the October Revolution, which changed the history of the world and had a profound effect on the workers and youth of the USA. Let us remember that two outstanding US fighters for socialism—John Reed and Big Bill Haywood—are buried in the Kremlin Walls in recognition for their services to the Russian and World Revolution. The crisis of world capitalism is reviving the spirit of October. The knot of history is being re-tied, despite all attempts to break it.

All over the world, a new generation is beginning to move into action. It is looking for a banner, a program, and an idea. It is repelled by the class collaboration policies of the Liberal and Social Democratic leaders and is increasingly revolutionary in outlook. In the USA, millions of people are turning their backs on the old discredited bourgeois parties, the Republicans and Democrats. They are seeking a new and clean banner, which can only be provided by socialism.

To this new generation, the ideas of Marx, Engels, Lenin, and Trotsky offer a guide and compass that they will need in order to find their way to the road that leads to socialism. Only the IMT has consistently defended the genuine ideas of Marxism. We are confident that our US section will succeed in carrying these ideas to the widest layers of advanced workers and youth and build the organization that is necessary for the victory of socialism in the Americas, north and south of the Rio Grande, and the entire world.

With revolutionary greetings,

Alan Woods of the International Secretariat of the IMT


It is with great enthusiasm that we received word of the launch of a new paper for the US section of the IMT. We know that Lenin, the founder of Bolshevism, understood that the paper had a central role to play in the building of the organization of the revolutionary proletariat. We are confident that Socialist Revolution will succeed in playing the Leninist role of collective organizer and educator, helping to centralize and build the work of the section as a cadre organization capable of attracting to its ranks ever-more American youth and workers in the time of Trump and Sanders.

Our best wishes for a glorious success!

~ The Brazilian Section of the IMT


We send you our warmest revolutionary greetings from Greece.  Your decision to change the name of the paper to Socialist Revolution is an excellent initiative.  It corresponds perfectly to the changed situation and the radicalized youth and workers will be instantly connected with this title. The hate against the system that is expressed in multiple ways in the USA means that the conditions for revolution are ripening.

Socialism has started to become appealing to the American workers and youth. We are sure that the change will also signify a change in the organization and a big step forward for you. Comrades, we wish you every success for the new paper and in our common struggle against this rotten system!

~ The Greek Section of the IMT


Greetings to Socialist Revolution from the Canadian section of the International Marxist Tendency!

Once again, the winds of revolution are blowing south of our border. We have witnessed this firsthand with our events being swarmed by American youth, searching for a radical break with the status quo. Americans are rediscovering the militant revolutionary traditions from the past and are searching, consciously or unconsciously for socialist revolution.

We, therefore, welcome wholeheartedly the decision made to change the name of the paper to Socialist Revolution! We have confidence that this bold face for the organization, combined with Bolshevik determination, will lead to explosive growth for our section in the United States.

Forward, comrades!


Congratulations on Socialist Revolution! The name could not have been better chosen for the times in which we are living. More and more people are looking for a way out of the impasse of this rotten capitalist system. The only solution is a socialist revolution—in the US and in the world! We wish you all the success in the world!

~ The Danish Section of the IMT


Revolutionary greetings for the new paper of the US section!

We are confident that this new start will attract many new layers of youth and workers in US to build the forces of revolutionary Marxism!

All over the world, US imperialism is a symbol of hatred and disgust for workers and revolutionary youth. But recent mass movements have brought the revolutionary face of the working class of the US on the horizon. This has become a big source of inspiration for young revolutionaries everywhere. In Pakistan also, students and workers are discussing these mass movements with enthusiasm.

We send our best wishes for the revolutionary work comrades are carrying out in the belly of the beast. The new name will arm the comrades with a weapon sharper and pointed, leading to growth in your ranks with the most revolutionary elements of the society.

Long Live the US Section of IMT! Long live socialist revolution! Workers of the world Unite! Lal Salaam!

~ The Pakistan Section of the IMT


We wish to congratulate you on your re-launch of the paper under the banner of Socialist Revolution. We are fully confident this new banner will help you to even more boldly put forward the genuine ideas of Marxism in the US working class.

Your new paper is an important new step forward for Marxism in the US, in a period when these ideas have never been as relevant to the struggles ahead. The thirst for an alternative to the rotten status quo has been demonstrated on a mass scale by phenomena such as Bernie Sanders, Jeremy Corbyn, and Jean-Luc Melenchon. In the coming period, this is ultimately what will guarantee our success.

Forward to victory! Long live Socialist Revolution! Long live the IMT!

Bolshevik greetings,

~ The Swedish Section of the IMT


Dearest comrades,

Greetings from across the ocean. On the occasion of the rebranding of your fine Heftli, we swiftly wrote you a short poem:

You say we need a socialist revolution,
So we need to make a contribution.
The winds of change are blowing,
It’s time that we start rowing
Towards a red new world
Ufe mit de Tasse, abe mit de Klasse! Vive la TMI, vive la révolution!

~ The Swiss Section of the IMT


The French section of the IMT wishes great success to Socialist Revolution. We do not doubt for a second that this paper will rest on solid ideas and members. We also know that faced with the crisis of capitalism, a growing number of youth and workers are looking for the ideas of the IMT.

History is full of ironies. For decades the ideas of socialism were discussed only by a minority of the American population. But today, in the USA, millions are passionate about socialism, in particular, the youth. At the same time, in France, the very word socialism has become suspect, due to the leaders of the “Socialist Party” who have betrayed our class.

In the US as in France, what matters more than words is to fill the ideas of socialism with scientific and revolutionary content and to group around these ideas the most combative layers of our class. This is the first condition for our victory. This is the task of Socialist Revolution. We wish you the best of luck, comrades!

~ The French Section of the IMT


We send you revolutionary greetings from Mexico, the final home of León Trotsky.

In recent years, the class struggle has reached important levels in both countries. In Mexico, thousands of workers have turned to the streets to protest the cuts and violence to which we have been subjected in recent years. The mass movement has erupted in sporadic explosions in since 2012. One of its latest expressions was in January of this year, provoked by the rise of gas prices. The US presidential election brought out fears over Donald Trump’s racist and protectionist policies, only to be met with a tremendous fightback from the workers of the US. The movement on the streets against Trump’s xenophobia, with the participation of documented and undocumented workers alike, is a lesson in the internationalist character of our class, and proof that the US working class will not remain passive in the face of attacks.

Working-class standards of living have fallen in both countries since the crisis of 2008—an event which has left its mark on the consciousness of millions of workers on both sides of the border—just as workers in both countries are questioning the institutions of the bourgeois state and the domination of the two-party system, whether it is Democrats and Republicans, or PAN and PRI.  

History has shown that the ideas and methods of Marxism alone can prepare the way for a successful revolutionary offensive. We must build a party that can give the final push to the capitalist system: an international working-class tendency fighting for the socialist revolution as the primary task in the USA, as in Mexico and around the world.

A newspaper is indispensable for this task, to organize the most advanced sections of the class and to serve as a laboratory for the ideas of Marxism—to explain the processes unfolding in society to be able to transform it. The socialist revolution cannot succeed in Mexico, without spreading to the US.

La Izquierda Revolucionaria congratulates you on the birth of Socialist Revolution magazine, which will serve to solidify a powerful socialist tendency in the USA.

Long Live the International Marxist Tendency!

Workers of the World Unite!

~ The Mexican Section of the IMT

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