The Crushing of the Kronstadt Rebellion: A Tragic Necessity

On March 2, 1921, sailors in Kronstadt took up arms against the young Soviet government. The tale of the short-lived rebellion has been told and retold with little concern for facts and serious analysis.

Why I Joined the IMT: Communists Out in the Open in Arizona

Are you a communist ready to fulfill your role in the march of history? Then join hundreds of other communists just like you and get organized!

The Fight Against Atlanta’s Democrat-Backed “Cop City”

The conflict over the South River Forest in Atlanta grabbed national attention this year, after the police killed Tortuguita, an anarchist involved in occupying the forest.

FAQ: Marxism, Bolshevism, and Mutual Aid

This FAQ addresses our position on mutual aid, what role we think it can play in transforming society, and what political tasks should be prioritized by revolutionaries today.

From Chomsky to Marx: Why I Joined the IMT

Libertarian socialism is rooted in petty-bourgeois idealism and has nothing in common with a materialist understanding of the world and the working class.

Lessons of the Spanish Revolution

The Spanish Civil War, like any revolutionary period, was an acid test for political parties and tendencies. Despite its ultimate defeat by the counterrevolution, it holds rich lessons for socialists today.