Why I Joined the IMT: Communists Out in the Open in Arizona

Are you a communist ready to fulfill your role in the march of history? Then join hundreds of other communists just like you and get organized!

Britain’s Revolution Festival 2023: The Communists Are Coming!

This year’s Revolution Festival in Britain was an event like none other. 1,000 communists from across the world gathered for an inspiring, historic event, energized by the momentous next step: launching the Revolutionary Communist Party.

How to Be an Effective Communist at a Protest

You can be sure that whenever there is a protest or demonstration against injustice anywhere, the communists will be in the crowd. How can we be as effective as possible in winning participants to our […]

Are You a Communist? Editorial for IDOM 43

Issue 43 of In Defence of Marxism magazine focuses on the struggle for communism and provides a number of important lessons from the history of the Soviet Union and the failed German Revolution.

Communism in Your Own Backyard: Open Letter to the Minnesota Republican Party Chairman

The chairman of the Minnesota GOP is right about one thing: The communist movement is back and growing stronger every day. But has he ever stopped to ask himself why our ideas are so popular?

To AZ State Rep. Joseph Chaplik: Capitalism Is Teaching the Kids Communism!

Arizona State Representative Joseph Chaplik recently complained to ASU officials over the IMT’s upcoming “Marxism training” at one of the largest campuses in the country. We thank him for promoting our upcoming Marxist school!

Declaration of the Editorial Board of Socialist Revolution

For the first time in living memory, the idea of communism resonates with wide layers of society, providing an answer to the burning problems of world capitalism: war, hunger, homelessness, isolation, alienation, oppression, and discrimination.

How to Convince Someone to Join the Fight for Communism

If you’re a communist, then one of your most important responsibilities is to find and organize other communists. With just an afternoon of study, you can get some of the basic ideas under your belt.

Young People in Texas Are Organizing for Communism

Many people might count out Texas, but I say to those people: you’d best think again—there’s revolutionary sentiments brewing throughout the state!