[Audio] Abortion Rights Under Attack: Fight Back With Class Struggle!

In this podcast episode, Laura Brown and Joel Bergman discuss the reasons and impact of a repeal of Roe v. Wade and provide a Marxist perspective to fight back against this egregious attack on abortion […]

[Audio] Black Struggle and the Right-Wing Frenzy Over CRT

In this podcast episode, Antonio Balmer discusses the polarized debate over Critical Race Theory, the history of the mass struggles against racism in the US, and the fight against racism today.

[Audio] Why We Are Communists

In this episode, we explain the ideas of revolutionary Marxism and why we are communists, giving a taste of the kinds of revolutionary propaganda work and discussions our comrades are carrying out in dozens of […]

[Audio] Fight Climate Catastrophe with Socialist Revolution

Climate change is a product of capitalist exploitation and domination, and the solution to this problem is intimately connected to the class struggle.

[Audio] Defend the Cuban Revolution!

Jorge Martin appeared on Rupture Radio to discuss the Cuban Revolution, the recent protests that have broken out in the country, the imperialist blockade, and the tasks facing revolutionaries.

[Audio] Israel, Palestine, and the Socialist Solution

The oppression of the Palestinian people has dragged on for so long, that many ask: is there any solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict? In our latest podcast episode, Fred Weston presents a Marxist perspective for […]

The Racist Terror of Tulsa 1921

May 31, 2021, marks the 100-year anniversary of the Tulsa Massacre, in which a mob of white vigilantes slaughtered hundreds of black people in the largest mass killing since the American Civil War.

[Audio] The American Civil War: A Sword in One Hand and the Book of Freedom in the Other

Our fourth podcast episode on the American Civil War covers the course of events from Emancipation Proclamation to the end of the war. We will be back with more episodes to cover the convulsive period […]

[Audio] The American Civil War: A Violent and Remorseless Revolutionary Struggle

In this episode of our Civil War podcast series, John Peterson analyzes the events of the war itself, all the way from secession to the Emancipation Proclamation.

[Audio] The American Civil War: Abolitionists and Secessionists

We continue our Civil War miniseries with a closer look at the Constitutional foundations of the crisis, the economics of slavery, the abolitionists, the political scene at the time, and a brief timeline of events […]

[Audio] The American Civil War: Revolution and Counterrevolution

John Peterson kicks off our three-part series on the American Civil War laying out the theoretical foundations for understanding these key events in US history—which Marxists see as the second American Revolution.

[Audio] Constitutional Chaos and COVID in the White House: A Marxist Take on Election 2020

In the latest Socialist Revolution podcast episode, John Peterson provides an update on the unfolding crises in the US political, social, and economic situation.