How Mexican Workers Fought Back and Won

There has never been greater potential for building the forces of revolutionary Marxism, for running independent socialist candidates, and for building a new mass socialist party.

The Class Interests Behind Trump’s Wall

The dramatic “standoff” between Trump and the Democrats over border policy is a cynical charade between two parties that represent one and the same class.

Mexico: Explosive Strike Wave Hits 48 Factories

An international, anti-imperialist solidarity movement needs to be raised across the world against the US-led coup attempt.

Mexico: 40,000 Factory Workers on Strike in Tamaulipas

Workers from 45 different factories are striking, having received no information from trade union leaders regarding negotiations over annual salary increases.

Mexico: Massive Vote for AMLO Marks New Period of Class Struggle

AMLO will enter the presidential office with immense political capital, which he can only use one of two ways—for the workers or against.

Mexican Elections: Vote to Fight the Right and Capitalism

On July 1, one of the most important elections in recent Mexican history will be held. In a distorted form, the candidates express the underlying class struggle.

Socialism or Barbarism: Femicide in Mexico

Originating in Argentina against gender-based violence, the #NiUnaMenos movement quickly jumped borders, engulfing the region in the struggle against women’s oppression.

Mexico: Explosive Struggle of Polytechnic Students

A new protest movement has started, in an explosive manner, at the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) in Mexico City. On April 14th, three demonstrations were held totaling about fifteen thousand students and workers.

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