Cal State Strike: Letter from an Academic Worker

There was supposed to be a historic five-day strike of Cal State academic workers, but the union leaders called it off after the first day. How did it come to this?

600,000 Workers Strike in Quebec: We Can Defeat the Hated CAQ Government!

On November 23, close to 600,000 public sector workers in Quebec were on strike. This is the largest strike in the history of Quebec.

Swedish Tesla Strikes: Musk vs. Mechanics!

Mechanics at Tesla’s 10 workshops in Sweden have been on strike since October 27, the first strike of its kind at the EV giant.

Bangladesh: Garment Workers Show the Way Forward

Bangladesh, the eighth most populous country in the world, is being rocked by political and social upheaval. Opposition leaders have been arrested. Tens of thousands have clashed in the streets with police.

Gaza War: Dockers at the Port of Barcelona Show the Way Forward!

A month after the Israeli government commenced its ethnic cleansing against Palestinians, the Organization of Port Dockers of Barcelona, has resolved “not to allow the activity of ships in our port that contain war material.”

UAW Settlements: What Did the “Stand-Up” Strike Achieve?

Shawn Fain argued that the “stand-up” strike would be this generation’s answer to the sitdown strikes of the 1930s. With the strikes against the Big Three over, how did the union leadership’s strategy work out?

UE’s Long Strike Against Wabtec Comes to an End

Wabtec was unable to defeat the UE workers, but greater aid from the national labor movement would have resulted in a better deal.

Will the “Stand-Up” Strike Lead Auto Workers to Victory?

The ongoing strike is a test for Shawn Fain and the UAW leaders. Can the “stand-up strike” tactic win it for them?

The UAW and the Fight for a New Contract

With a strike on the horizon, UAW leaders need a class-struggle strategy to defeat the auto bosses!

UE Workers Continue the Battle against the Wabtec Bosses

UE Locals 506 and 618 have been on strike since June 22. Close to 1,000 UE workers and supporters rallied to show their solidarity.

Erie, PA Workers Fight for Decent Pay

Locomotive factory workers in Erie, PA are in a bitter struggle against givebacks and to protect their standard of living. An injury to one is an injury to all!

The 1934 Textile Strike: A Watershed Moment in the American Class Struggle

The 1934 Textile Mill Strike was a watershed moment in the American class struggle. Despite being defeated, it is a shining example of workers’ capacity for sacrifice and self-organization.