2007 MLK Day March in St. Louis

The MLK Day march in St. Louis, MO is perennially one of the largest in the country and arguably the most politicized.  This year was no different, with many older participants singing “We Shall Overcome”, accompanied by chantings of the more militant “No Justice, No Peace!” and “I’m Fired Up, Can’t Take No More!” There were also banners calling for an end to the imperialist conflict in Iraq and impeachment of the president.

An estimated 1,200 people marched the three-mile trek – rigorous even in those years when the temperature is not below freezing – to honor the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and to continue his demand for racial equality and social justice.  The march began at the famous courthouse downtown, the site of the infamous 1856 Dred Scott case which ruled that as a slave, Scott was nothing more nor less than the property of his owner. The march then wound its way to Powell Symphony Hall on Grand Avenue. Members of the St. Louis branch of the WIL carried the Hands Off Venezuela banner for the whole of the march, receiving nothing but positive comments from passersby and meeting several people interested in helping to build the campaign.  Many people came up to us specifically to thank us for our presence at the march.

Overall, the turnout and atmosphere was amazing, particularly taking into account the weather.  That so many working people were willing to brave the freezing cold can only inspire us to redouble our efforts for the achievement of a socialist future for humanity.  Only then can we speak of Dr. King’s Dream becoming a reality.

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