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America’s Most Unwanted

This fall, millions of Americans will be asked to go to the polls to choose between two staunch defenders of capitalism committed to attacking the working class at home and abroad.

Their Tactics and Ours

Whenever a new movement erupts onto the scene of history, questions over the efficacy of violence vs. non-violence, direct action, diversity of tactics are hotly debated. But what can we learn from the past experience […]

Michael Albert and Parecon

To put it bluntly, the future for young people in America is bleak. In these conditions, millions of youth are beginning to question whether capitalism has anything to offer. There is a lot of interest […]

Which Way Forward for Labor?

The dramatic decline in the percentage of the organized labor force over the last 30 years is not an accident. It is largely the result of the class-collaboration policies of the labor leaders, which has […]

Class Struggle or Conspiracy?

Substituting elaborate conspiracies for the real, living class struggle does not help to clarify the true nature of capitalism or in ideologically arming the working class to end it once and for all.

Labor Defeats SB5 in Ohio

On Tuesday, November 8th, Ohio workers went to the polls and repealed Gov. John Kasich’s (R-OH) infamous, anti-union Senate Bill 5 (SB5). The lopsided 61%-39% vote represents a major victory for organized labor, which harnessed […]

What Does the Bi-Partisan Debt-Ceiling "Compromise" Mean for Workers?

A deal to raise the debt ceiling has now been reached, after weeks of incredible fear-mongering on the part of both bosses’ parties and Wall Street, and will reach the President’s desk by the deadline […]

What Now for Wisconsin’s Struggle?

Over 100,000 turned out for the March 12th mega rally in Madison, a city of only 230,000. The mood was incredible. It was very moving to see the once-dormant mass of the population, including all […]

Capitalism Not so Popular… Especially in the United States

Thirty years of cuts in welfare, large-scale privatizations, and constant pressure on workers in the workplace has led ordinary working people to question the capitalist system.

Jimmy John’s Struggle Continues

Several months ago, we reported on the effort of workers at Minneapolis Jimmy John’s locations to win union recognition from the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).  The election took place on October 22nd, and was […]

Report on the March 12th Mega Rally in Madison, WI

This a report from a member of the Campaign for a Mass Party of Labor, who attended the massive rally in Madison on March 12, 2011.

Labor Candidates in the Carolinas

Headed into November’s elections, workers around the country are short on choices. Practically everywhere, they will be forced to go to the ballot box and choose from one of two bosses’ candidates — or not […]