Are You a Communist in the US? Then Get Organized!

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Are you tired of the endless war, poverty, climate disasters, instability, and chaos that capitalism offers? Are you looking to end capitalism once and for all? Are you a communist? Then get organized!

Socialist Revolution is organizing communists across the country. Since the start of our “Are You a Communist?” campaign just over a month ago, already over 600 people have applied to join. But this is just the beginning! Polls show that 30 million people in the US agree with the statement that “communism is the ideal economic system.” The potential for building a mass communist party has never been greater!

The mood is palpable. Decades of austerity, police brutality, war, pollution, debt, and crisis have shown that the “American Dream” is a lie. In fact, it is a nightmare. After three years of economic collapse, pandemic, political chaos, and election clown shows between the least popular candidates in history, there is now an entire generation of communists who are ready to fight.

We have already received hundreds of inspiring answers to the question “Why do you want to join?” Here are just a few samples:

“I’m not sure I want to do to yet, but I really do want to learn more. I just turned 40 and I’m looking at the world in a completely different way. ‘Pull yourself up by your bootstraps’ is a lie. The American dream is a lie. I firmly believe capitalism is leading us to complete ruin. I’m sick of the competition. I’m sick of the dog eat dog mentality. I’m sick of spending every waking moment just trying to get by— dedicating myself to a workplace that only demands more. This isn’t the future I imagined. On the flipside, the best things we have in our society are the social programs— public parks, libraries, education, etc. I want to know what we can do to finally transition away from this capitalist dystopia to a prosperous future.” — Irvine, CA

“Death to capitalist exploitation” — Columbus, OH

“I hate capitalism more than anything, it ruined every aspect of my life” — Boston, MA

“Down with capitalism!! I’m so over it!! It’s not working and something needs to change. And I’m sick and tired of just talking about it. Something needs to be done.” — Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

“Capitalism is a cancer that is destroying lives. The 1% are stealing from everyone as we sit and watch. I’m tired of no change and people speaking of change and not doing a thing about it” — San Diego, CA

“I’ve been sitting around reading theory for too long and the itch to get physically involved in the revolution has grown and grown. We can’t accomplish anything alone, and joining a group of like-minded comrades seems the logical next step.” — Auburn, AL

“Capitalism has ruined the lives of so many. I’m currently studying to be a therapist, and many of my clients are suffering because of capitalism, and i cannot claim to be a proper advocate if i am not fighting to improve our society.” — Highland Park, NJ

“The destructive forces of capitalist production and exploitation are destroying the very earth we rely on. A revolution, a complete deconstruction of those exploitative forces, is the only solution in my view. I believe a communist movement, pursued and strengthened sooner than later, is the best way to achieve both revolution and restoration to our world. There is little more time to act, if any.” — Philadelphia, PA

“I’m a teenager who has been told her entire life that the future of her world is dull, disgusting and continuously declining, and yet I am still expected to seek work. I find even self aware people, particularly those in their middle to old ages, seem comforted by Capitalism, like a cruel father which they hate but cannot leave. Because of this, I believe my youth is a superpower of sorts. Having so recently gathered this knowledge about the world which I live in, it would be nonhuman for me to play make-believe for the rest of my life. I do not want to wait for the comfort to settle in. I do not want to become stuck. I feel inclined to fight for change.” — New York, NY

“As a veteran of the U.S. Army (National Guard) that has deployed to the Middle East, as someone who had been a homeless veteran throughout my life, I have seen how capitalism, classism, racism and the lack of sympathy and empathy for our fellow humans (and the human condition), I no longer consider myself a believer in the current ‘democratic’ system. The ‘upper crust’ of our society are no better than those of us in the middle or lower ‘crust.’ It’s far beyond time to bring the people (of the world) back to the forefront of the picture, not our wallets, not our worthless printed money.” — Bellingham, WA

The comrades who typed these lines represent the force that, if organized, will help the working class achieve socialist revolution in our lifetime and build the foundations of a communist society. That is precisely the point: It is not enough to just be a communist—you must get organized!

Socialist Revolution is the US section of the International Marxist Tendency, a truly international organization of thousands of communists with a presence in over 60 countries around the world. We are actively building, organizing, educating, and agitating on the basis of Marxist ideas and theory. We are building the nucleus of a future mass communist party. That means building communist cells in every workplace, school, town, city, neighborhood, and union.

Every one of our branches in the US holds weekly meetings to discuss important theoretical and political questions, providing valuable Marxist education, and organize the activity of comrades to find more communists and build the party.

Over the next few weeks, our youth groups (listed below) will be hosting a series of public events on “Why We Are Communists: The Revolutionary Ideas of Marxism.” And later in the fall, we will have a series of Regional Marxist Schools in Phoenix, New York City, Minneapolis, and Bellingham, WA. If any of these are happening near you, then come meet the communists, and join!

And if you are not in a city or near a campus where we already are, even better: join us and build a communist cell in your workplace, union, high school, or college! There has never been a better time to be a communist. But being a communist is not just an identity or something that can be achieved alone. Get organized with Socialist Revolution!

Join a communist event near you!

Chicago, Illinois

  • Saturday, August 26 at 2pm
  • Albany Park Branch, Chicago Public Library
    3401 W Foster Ave Chicago, IL 60625
  • Building a communist group at Northeastern Illinois University

Madison, Wisconsin

  • Sunday, August 27 at 12pm
  • Brittingham Park
  • Building a communist group at the University of Wisconsin–Madison

Louisville, Kentucky

  • Monday, August 28, 5:30pm
  • University of Louisville, Humanities (HUM) 300
  • Building a communist group at the University of Louisville

Phoenix, Arizona

  • Tuesday, August 29 at 6pm
  • University of Arizona, Memorial Union, room 202 (Alumni Lounge)
  • Building a communist group at the University of Arizona

St. Louis, Missouri

  • Tuesday, September 5 at 5:30pm
  • World Community Center
    438 N Skinker Blvd., St. Louis
  • Building a communist group at the University of Washington, St. Louis

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Twin Cities, Minnesota

New Brunswick, New Jersey

  • Friday, September 8 at 6pm
  • Rutgers University—New Brunswick, Douglass Student Center, Meeting Room B
  • Building communist groups at Rutgers University–New Brunswick and Montclair State University

New Haven, Connecticut

  • Saturday, September 9 at 12pm
  • Yale University, William L Harkness Hall, Room 112
  • Building a communist group at Yale University

New York City

  • Tuesday, September 12 at 6pm
  • Playwright Rehearsal Studios, White Box
    440 Lafayette St #4, New York, NY 10003
  • Building communist groups at NYU, Pace University, The New School, and Pratt Institute

Dallas, Texas

  • Wednesday, September 20 at 6pm
  • UNT, Location TBD
  • Building a communist group at University of North Texas

Bellingham, Washington

  • Friday, October 6 at 6pm
  • WWU, Academic West Room 210
  • Building a communist group at Western Washington University

San Diego, California

  • Monday, October 9 at 7pm, location TBD
  • Building a communist group at UC San Diego

Irvine, California

  • Building a communist group at UC Irvine

Boston, Massachusetts

  • Building communist groups at Harvard University and Emerson University

Seattle, Washington

  • Building a communist group at University of Washington

Raleigh, North Carolina

  • Building a communist group at University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill

Atlanta, Georgia

  • Building a communist group at Georgia State University

Are you a communist?
Then apply to join your party!