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JP Speaking on the Economic Crisis
John Peterson Speaking on the Economic Crisis

John Peterson, National Secretary of the Workers International League, speaks at the Walker Library in Minneapolis, MN on the causes of the current economic crisis on Wall Street and the socialist solution.  Recorded on October […]

The Story of “Mouseland”

This is a short story originally told by Tommy Douglas, depicting how bourgeois elections work in the form of a short story.  Although bourgeois elections in Canada were originally depcited, the story does well to […]

Audio File: The Permanent Revolution

Fred Weston of the International Marxist Tendency, and editor of ‘In Defence of Marxism’, talks on Leon Trotsky’s theory of the Permanent Revolution. This Marxist concept constituted the main ideological opposition to Stalin’s theory of […]

Audio File: Marxism and the National Question

At a meeting in London recently Linda Clarke of the Socialist Appeal talks about Marxism in relation to the national Question. Linda talks about the history and evolution of the nation state, the meaning of […]

Audio File: The Marxist conception of History

The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggle. That is all written history. For the majority of human history man did not live in a class society. But with the […]

[Audio] Alan Woods on the Relevance of Marxism Today

"The Relevance of Marxism Today", a talk give by Alan Woods, editor of In Defence of Marxism, London 29 October 2007. Listen to the file here.

UAW364 Workers Fight For Justice in Elkhart, Indiana

UAW Local 364 workers from Elkhart Indiana in struggle at Bach Musical Intruments Company.

Interview with Tim Kaminski

David May interviews Tim Kaminski, committeeman for UAW Local 110 representing the south plant in Fenton, MO, on the current situation in the auto industry, the Soldiers of Solidarity, work-to-rule, and the international situation.

Soldiers of Solidarity Video from the Workers International League

This new video, created by members of the WIL in Detroit, vividly documents the militancy of the Soldiers of Solidarity and their struggle at Delphi. Learn more about the SoS here, where you can also […]