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Marxism, Keynesianism, and the Crisis of Capitalism

Governments everywhere are pumping money into the world economy to keep it on life support. Followers of Keynesian ideas—of government stimulus and demand-side management—feel vindicated. But only Marxism offers a solution.

After the Lockdown: What Will Capitalism Look Like?

The coronavirus pandemic has exposed the underlying contradictions of capitalism, triggering a deep crisis on the scale of the 1930s. There will be no rebound after the lockdown ends, but a prolonged economic depression.

The Mood in Davos: Doom and Gloom as Crisis Looms

The out-of-touch elite are meeting in Davos this week for their annual exclusive shindig. But the mood amongst the superrich will be gloomy, with their liberal world order facing threats on all fronts.

Marxism vs Modern Monetary Theory

MMT has created a buzz on the left recently. Instead of trendy new ideas, however, we need the clear scientific analysis of capitalism that Marxism provides.

What is Money?—Part Five: The Future of Money

How do we break the spell of the so-called “root of all evil” and free ourselves from these “chains of gold”?

What is Money?—Part Four: Inflation and the Gold Standard

Adam Booth examines the factors lying behind inflation and explores the role of gold as the basis for an international monetary system.

What is Money?—Part Three: The Rise of the Bankers

Adam Booth looks at the growth of finance, the development of banking, and the role of credit within capitalism.

What is Money?—Part Two: Value and Social Relations

In the second part of his series looking at the role of money within capitalist society, Adam Booth explores the questions of value, alienation, and profit.

What is Money?—Part One: the Origins of Money

In the first of a five-part series analyzing the role of money within capitalist society, Adam Booth looks at the origins of money.

Capitalism in Crisis: A Sinking Ship Without Any Lifeboats

As Adam Booth explains in this article, serious bourgeois economists can see a new world economic slump coming, which they have no way of averting, having already used all the traditional measures they would have […]

The Crisis of Cosmology

Since the dawn of civilization, humans have questioned the workings of the natural world around them and their own place in the Universe.

World Economy: Capitalism Lurches From One Crisis to Another

“Six years on from the financial crash that brought the world to its knees, red warning lights are once again flashing on the dashboard of the global economy.” Such ominous statements may sound familiar to […]

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