Hamid Alizadeh
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Iran: Repression Provokes Backlash and Calls for a Revolutionary General Strike

Efforts to suppress the protest movement in Iran have only further agitated the masses. Most importantly, a series of strikes have started in the oil and petrochemical sector.

Iran: Khuzestan Protests Reveal Rage Towards Rotten Regime

Protests are increasing in Iran’s Khuzestan province after the Metropol Towers in the city of Abadan collapsed, killing and wounding up to 100 people.

Shortages and Bottlenecks Expose the Anarchy of the Capitalist System

Across the world market, bottlenecks and shortages have been mushrooming out of control, exposing the anarchy of the capitalist system.

9/11 Twenty Years On

Twenty years ago, the United States witnessed the biggest and bloodiest attack on its soil in modern history. Today, US imperialism is in crisis.

The Cynical Betrayal of US Imperialism in Afghanistan

America’s longest war has ended in abject shame and humiliation for US imperialism. Twenty years after the invasion of Afghanistan, they have been dealt total defeat at the hands of a band of primitive religious […]

In Defense of Hegel

Hegel revolutionized every field that he dedicated himself to. The impact of Hegel’s ideas cannot be underestimated, and as Marxists we owe him a tremendous debt.

Them and Us: Rich vs. Poor during the COVID-19 Pandemic

We are told: “the virus does not discriminate.” In reality, the privileged elite, who enjoy relative safety, expect the workers to risk infection to keep profits rolling in.

Coronavirus Pandemic Opens a New Stage in World History

The new coronavirus has set in motion a chain reaction, which is upending any semblance of stability in one country after another. All of the contradictions of the capitalist system are coming crashing to the […]

The Killing of Qassem Soleimani: Oppose US Imperialist Aggression!

In an act of supreme arrogance, the Trump administration killed Iranian General Qassem Soleimani. Yet again, US imperialism is adding to the instability in the Middle East.

Iran: Rising of the Dispossessed

Last Friday, the Iranian government made a surprise announcement of deep cuts to fuel subsidies. Since then, tens of thousands of youth have taken to the streets.

Turkey Attacks Northern Syria: For a Revolutionary Fightback!

Down with the Turkish war of aggression against Rojava! Down with the imperialists, who are all complicit in this atrocity!

Attacks on Saudi Oil Facilities and the Changing Landscape of the Middle East

A series of attacks on some of the world’s largest oil installations in Saudi Arabia have set sparks flying once again in the Middle East.