Marxists Mobilize for May Day!

Supporters of the International Marxist Tendency are mobilizing all over the world for May Day, raising the banner of revolution and international socialism, as the only solution to capitalist barbarism and the horrors of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Follow our activities on social media (#MayDayIMT, #WorkersOfTheWorldUnite), and come and meet us wherever you are!

May 1 is pivotal in the calendar of the international labor movement. Inspired by the heroic fight of the Chicago workers in 1886 for an eight-hour day, and enshrined by the Second International as a day of workers’ struggle, it has coincided with titanic moments in the history of our class. 

Today, faced with the greatest capitalist crisis in living memory, the spirit of working-class militancy May Day embodies is more important than ever. 

The working class and youth are crushed between the millstones of disease and poverty, while the rich get richer. Billionaires like Jeff Bezos have added trillions of dollars to their bank balances, while ordinary people are left without a future. 

In the USA, Britain, India, Brazil, and many countries besides, hundreds of thousands of people have died from a terrible disease. Thousands more have lost income, livelihoods and loved ones. 

The means to end this nightmare exist, but they are the private property of the Big Pharma parasites, who are backed to the hilt by bourgeois governments, who time and again have prioritized profits over human lives. 

Movements like Black Lives Matter last year, and renewed class struggle in Latin America, show that the masses are not taking this situation lying down. 

On the contrary, a period of unprecedented tumult and class conflict is brewing, in which the only road forward is a united fight for socialism—ending the anarchism of the so-called free market, and replacing it with a rationally planned economy to provide for us all. 

To celebrate the history of our movement, and agitate for the battles to come, our comrades are marching in May Day demonstrations (pandemic allowing), and running events in dozens of countries.

If you want to fight for a better world, come and find our nearest mobilization, speak with us and find out how you can get involved!

In the words of Lenin on May Day 1904: 

Comrade workers! Let us then prepare with redoubled energy for the decisive battle that is at hand! … Let their word spread ever farther afield! Let campaigning for the workers’ demands be carried on ever more boldly! Let the celebration of May Day win thousands of new fighters to our cause and swell our forces in the great struggle for the freedom of all the people, for the liberation of all who toil from the yoke of capital!

  • Capitalism and COVID pandemic: socialism or barbarism!
  • Workers of the world unite!
  • Happy May Day!

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