If Workers Could Access the Employers’ Books, Here’s What They’d Find

The bosses claim they can’t raise workers’ wages, but what would we find if we inspected their accounts for ourselves? That’s actually what I did—and here’s what I found.

Cal State Strike: Letter from an Academic Worker

There was supposed to be a historic five-day strike of Cal State academic workers, but the union leaders called it off after the first day. How did it come to this?

Mobilize Labor to Fight NYC’s Congestion Tolls!

Congestion pricing seeks to punish working-class New Yorkers for the decay of capitalist infrastructure.

Letter from a Communist Grocery Worker

It’s the workers on the floor who know how to run our stores—not the bosses who contribute nothing but headaches.

UAW Settlements: What Did the “Stand-Up” Strike Achieve?

Shawn Fain argued that the “stand-up” strike would be this generation’s answer to the sitdown strikes of the 1930s. With the strikes against the Big Three over, how did the union leadership’s strategy work out?

Starbucks Workers United Stands with Palestine: This is the Way Forward for Labor!

Starbucks Workers United has paved the way and demonstrated what all labor unions should be doing: standing with Palestine. It is now up to the rest of the labor movement to stand up and fight!

Biden’s Cynical Calculations at the UAW Picket Line

Joe Biden—an enemy of workers the world over, and head of the most reactionary imperialist power on the planet—showed up in Michigan yesterday to “support” striking UAW workers.

UE’s Long Strike Against Wabtec Comes to an End

Wabtec was unable to defeat the UE workers, but greater aid from the national labor movement would have resulted in a better deal.

Will the “Stand-Up” Strike Lead Auto Workers to Victory?

The ongoing strike is a test for Shawn Fain and the UAW leaders. Can the “stand-up strike” tactic win it for them?

The UAW and the Fight for a New Contract

With a strike on the horizon, UAW leaders need a class-struggle strategy to defeat the auto bosses!

UE Workers Continue the Battle against the Wabtec Bosses

UE Locals 506 and 618 have been on strike since June 22. Close to 1,000 UE workers and supporters rallied to show their solidarity.

Being the Communist on the Job Site: A Letter from a Construction Worker in NYC

I’m a unionized construction worker in New York City. I’m also a communist. You may not think the building trades are a hotbed of Marxist politics, but consciousness is changing!