US troops in Iraq
Obama’s Middle East Policy: Still Imperialist

US foreign policy is dictated by its role as an imperialist power.  By imperialism, we mean the monopolistic rule of the big banks, which have control over all the other economic sectors of society, and […]

Silent demonstration for the killed demonstrators of the recent days. Photo by Hamed Saber.
Iran: regime steps up terror – a general strike is needed!

Yesterday in a meeting in London, a young Iranian student criticized me for being too hard on Mousavi, who he considered to be the indisputable leader of the opposition and “the bravest man in Iran.” […]

Iran: how can the movement go forward?
Iran: How Can the Movement Go Forward?

What we are witnessing in Iran is a full-blown popular revolution. However, in order to set its stamp on the movement, the working class must participate in the front line. The movement will stand or […]

New Leaflet from Socialist Appeal on the Iranian Revolution!

The Iranian masses have recently begun moving in an attempt to transform their conditions and throw off the chains of the fundamentalist regime in what can only be described as the first stages of the […]

Iranian Revolution
The Iranian Revolution: what does it mean and where is it going?

All the objective conditions for revolution as outlined by Lenin have matured in Iran. The events of the past few days mark the beginning of the Iranian revolution, which will unfold over a whole period. […]

Iranian workers are not alone! – pickets against political prisoners

Over the weekend pickets and meetings were held all over the world in solidarity with Iranian workers. The pickets were organised by Iranian Workers’ Solidarity Network and IMT.

Thirty years since the Iranian Revolution
Thirty Years Since the Iranian Revolution

This month marks the 30th anniversary of the Iranian revolution and the mainstream media around […]

Blackwater Security
Contracting Out the War in Iraq

After Blackwater USA’s recent street shoot out in Baghdad, which resulted in as many as […]

Bush Sad
George Bush’s Middle East Adventure: The chickens come home to roost

In the same way that the revolutionary movement depends at critical moments on the quality of the leadership, so the outcome of a war, such as the war in Iraq, can be decisively influenced by […]

Iran & WMD

Led by the U.S., the UN Security Council is discussing the prospect of economic sanctions to punish Iran for its insistence on continuing to develop its nuclear program. Faced with the threat of sanctions and […]

Afghanistan: A Historical Overview

To understand the present war that is taking place in Afghanistan, one must take into consideration the factors that have shaped the history of this tragic land. Doctor Zayar gives an overview of the history […]