Benazir Bhutto
Pakistan: Government covers up the crime – masses demand action against conspirators

The murder of Benazir Bhutto has led to an explosion of popular anger. Pakistan is convulsed by rioting and mass protests. Society has been stirred up to the depths. Raw human emotion has spilled over […]

Benazir Bhutto
Pakistan: The assassination of Benazir Bhutto

Benazir Bhutto has been killed in a suicide bomb attack. The leader of the Pakistan People's Party (PPP) had just addressed a rally of PPP supporters in the town of Rawalpindi when the attack took […]

Pakistan: serious threats to Marxists during election campaign

On the evening of December 18 two comrades putting up posters and canvassing in Karachi were threatened by 10 armed activists of the MQM organization. 

Canadian Auto Workers
Betrayal and Disgrace in the Canadian Auto Parts Industry

The top officials of the Canadian Auto Workers (CAW) recently manufactured a novel way to negotiate a contract.  Lie prone before management, grovel in the dirt, and then direct the workers to relinquish almost everything […]

Russia: Key strike at the Ford plant in Leningrad (St. Petersburg)

The strike at the Ford plant in St. Petersburg is extremely symptomatic. The victory of the Russian Ford workers would strengthen enormously the whole of the Russian working class. They need your help.

Venezuela on December 2: for an overwhelming yes vote

On Sunday the Venezuelan people are voting in the referendum on constitutional reform. A massive “yes” vote would strengthen the revolution. The oligarchy, imperialism, all the forces of reaction have lined up behind the call […]

Urgent: International Campaign to Free Adan Mejia and Militante Comrades

The Calderon government has been increasing repression of social struggles, imprisoning many wokers and youth throughout Mexico.  Ten arrest warrants have been issued for comrades of Militante in the process.

Blackwater Security
Contracting Out the War in Iraq

After Blackwater USA’s recent street shoot out in Baghdad, which resulted in as many as […]

Adan Mejia
Solidarity Appeal: Funds Needed for the Legal Defense of Mexican Activists

In recent months, there has been a renewed wave of repression against the revolutionary movement in Oaxaca with more than 60 APPO activists arrested on July 16 while participating in a peaceful protest.

Mexico: Mobilisation continues for the release of jailed student activists

After the successful demonstration to the presidential palace on August 8th, the campaign for the release of the student activists from the CLEP-CEDEP and the MENA arrested on August 6th while demanding more university places […]

Mexico: Students arrested, urgent solidarity needed!

On Monday August 6th, a force of nearly 1000 police officers attacked a peaceful sit-in demonstration of students who were demanding access to university.

Mexico: FD Police authorities repress the movement of students excluded from universities

The wave of repression on Mexican activists is continuing. Fifteen students holding a sit-in in the General Headship offices of the IPN headquarters were arrested by the Federal District Police.