Francis Slay

St. Louis Mayoral Recall Campaign

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“Slay must go!” was the rallying cry on the steps of City Hall in St. Louis on October 21st, and this call was repeated again with greater volume as the recall campaign held its second rally on November 18th. The recall campaign aimed against the Democratic Mayor was sparked by his recent firing of Sherman George, the first black fire chief in the United States, after George’s refusal to use a testing procedure in the fire department that blatantly disadvantages black candidates versus candidates of other racial backgrounds. Workers and youth, black and white, are now fighting back against the city’s institutional racism and anti-worker policies.

The firing of Sherman George has served as a call to action not just against City Hall’s racist policies in the fire department but also against decades of police brutality, and its attacks against public education and housing which effect all working class people in the city generally. Public education has been the focus of the attack. For years, city teachers, staff, and students have been under attack. After refusing to “play ball” with state and city official’s plans for school closings and layoffs, the elected school board of St. Louis Public Schools was replaced by state-appointed officials.

The Campaign to Recall Francis G. Slay has drawn together the city’s elected school board, union teachers and school employees, students, Firemen for Racial Equality (FIRE), the Citizen’s Coalition Against Eminent Domain, and a host of other community organizations. Under Article 3 of the city charter, all elected officials may be recalled by a referendum, for any reason. In order to recall a public official, at least 20 percent of city residents in 19 of 28 Wards must sign a recall petition. This means that a total of 43,456 signatures are necessary. Campaign volunteers have been energetically going ward to ward every Saturday to collect signatures.

From the outset, the campaign organizers have made it clear that this cannot be the struggle of black St. Louisans alone. This is 100% correct.  The Democratic administration’s policies are aimed against all working people. An injury to one is an injury to all! We must mobilize the community and the unions to combat racism and discrimination: workers unity is the way forward!

* Combat racism with class unity!
* Francis G. Slay must go!

To contact the Campaign to Recall Francis G. Slay and get involved, call: (314) 454-9005

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