600,000 Workers Strike in Quebec: We Can Defeat the Hated CAQ Government!

On November 23, close to 600,000 public sector workers in Quebec were on strike. This is the largest strike in the history of Quebec.

Canada: The Standing Ovation for a Nazi in Parliament Was Not Just a Mistake

Canada’s Parliament made the PR gaffe of the century by inviting a known Nazi collaborator into the House of Commons and giving him a standing ovation. However, this was more than a one-off mistake.

Why Communists Sell Newspapers

As the crisis of capitalism deepens, the ruling class—which is completely unable to solve society’s most pressing problems—has resorted increasingly to censorship against any dissenting voices, particularly those who challenge capitalism itself.

Capitalism’s Wildfire Haze: A Sign of Things to Come

Millions of people across the eastern United States have suffered from extremely poor air quality over the past several days. This is a palpable reminder of the accelerating climate crisis, as previously unheard of weather […]

Canada: 460 Attend Montreal Marxist School Marked by Revolutionary Optimism!

The return of the Montreal Marxist Winter School in person after a three year absence did not disappoint. Four-hundred and sixty people gathered for a weekend of Marxist education in an electric atmosphere.

Education Strike in Canada: Make it General, Bring Down Ford!

In Ontario, Canada, 55,000 education workers are waging an inspiring struggle against the rotten provincial government of Doug Ford.

No to Imperialist Intervention in Haiti!

The imperialists have plunged Haiti into a misery without parallel in the Americas. Now, Canada, the United States, and the UN are openly discussing a new intervention in Haiti.

#CommunismOnCampus: Who Has the Youth Has the Future!

The International Marxist Tendency is out in force as new academic terms begin all around the world. Find us with the hashtag #CommunismOnCampus.

Enthusiasm and Inspiration at Largest Canadian Marxist Congress in Recent Memory

On the weekend of May 21, 2022, the Canadian Marxists of Fightback/La Riposte Socialiste held their largest congress ever. The Marxists are advancing!

Montreal Marxist Winter School—Starting this Saturday!

With a few days to go before the School starts, there are already over 900 people registered! If you haven’t registered yet, do it now!

Canadian “Freedom Convoy”: A Warning to the Labor Movement

As the reactionary “Freedom Convoy” shows, the anti-establishment right can’t be fought with liberalism, only with a class-based left program.

The Growth of Canadian Marxism: Fightback Magazine Goes Fortnightly!

As interest in Marxism grows across Canada, Fightback, the Canadian section of the IMT, has doubled the rate of publication of its newspaper.