China: Impending Banking Catastrophe

At present, Chinese banks are harshly restricting the outflow of funds. This is undoubtedly sending a dangerous signal that China’s banking system may be facing a serious shortage of funds.

China vs. India in the 20th Century: Why We Need a Planned Economy

Despite its bureaucratic deformations, the Chinese Revolution offers a glimpse of what a planned economy can achieve once the American working class takes power.

China and Its Role in the World

While some on the left have celebrated China’s ambitions as a counterweight to the United States, capitalism has been restored in China, and today it has all the features of a rising imperialist power.

The Relevance of Lenin’s “Imperialism” Today

Written in 1916, in the middle of the First World War, Lenin’s Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism is an essential work for understanding the phenomena of war and imperialism today.

Burmese Junta Caught between a Rock and a Hard Place

It has been over two months since the Northern Alliance—which is made up of armed ethnic organizations and the armed wing of the Burmese Communist Party—launched “Operation 1027” in northern Shan State in Burma.

Myanmar: Barbarism, Crime, War and the Urgent Need for Socialism

Against the backdrop of economic crisis, brutal dictatorship, war, and a lack of leadership, the Burmese working class is facing conditions that once again push them towards struggle.

China: Economic Downturn Augurs Epoch of Instability and Struggle

Soaring unemployment and a rapid decline in consumption have debunked the ruling regime’s fraudulent claims of a “strong economic recovery” in China.

Singapore: A Safe Harbor from Capitalist Crisis?

Since the start of the pandemic, Singapore has seen an unprecedented level of capital inflow. The capitalists sense the coming economic crisis and are betting big on Singapore to be a safe harbor.

The Widening Fissures in World Relations and the Task of Communists

With the rise of China, Russia taking an increasingly defiant stance internationally, and the US unable to intervene militarily on a large scale, the world policeman’s stick doesn’t carry the weight it once did.

Debt Crisis: Predatory Powers Fight over Scraps in Pillage of Poor Nations

A bankruptcy crisis is looming over the world. The New York Times has called it “a debt crisis unlike anything we have seen.”

Inflated Hysteria: US Imperialism’s War on Spy Balloons

Is it a nuclear-armed stealth drone? A killer robot? Or a cyber attack that steals your savings? The truth is far more terrifying: a balloon from China!

China: Regime Relents on Lockdown in Face of Pressure from Below

Recent protests in China against the regime’s harsh COVID-19 lockdown measures have further exposed the instability of the capitalist regime.