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Inflated Hysteria: US Imperialism’s War on Spy Balloons

Is it a nuclear-armed stealth drone? A killer robot? Or a cyber attack that steals your savings? The truth is far more terrifying: a balloon from China!

“Bongbong” Elected in the Philippines: Is this the Return of the Dictatorship?

Bongbong’s landslide victory was a result of deep discontent within the masses, which found no class expression due to the lack of a mass workers’ party with a revolutionary socialist program.

Pfizer’s Shameless Pandemic Profiteering

As vaccine nationalism and irrational capitalist competition put us at the mercy of a dangerous disease, pharmaceutical giants make a profit.

Jack Ma Cowed, but Instability still Looms over China

Many have been speculating on the sudden disappearance of Chinese tycoon and Alibaba CEO Jack Ma. Now he suddenly found his ambitions dashed and businesses investigated. What does this all mean?

SOE Bond Defaults in China Show Turbulent Days Ahead

A string of bond defaults by top-rated Chinese state-owned companies reveals that the Chinese state is fundamentally unable to avoid the organic crisis of the capitalist system.

Hong Kong Elections: Masses Reject Beijing

Hong Kong’s district council elections concluded with a landslide victory for the anti-Beijing bloc. But what is needed is a clear way forward based on class struggle politics.

Hong Kong: Either Class Struggle or Defeat

Despite increasing pressure from Beijing and the Carrie Lam government, the movement is entering its second month with growing militancy.

Hong Kong Protests Force Extradition Bill Suspension

In spite of the government issuing public apologies and suspending the bill, a new mass protest erupted on June 16. The movement must go forward!

“Marxism-Leninism” and Imperialism

As for the liberation of imperialist-dominated countries, Mao had nothing but detrimental policies to offer.

Does Mao’s “Combat Liberalism” Actually Combat Liberalism?

Revolutionary Marxists must combat liberalism on the basis of class-independence, scientific socialist theory, and revolutionary internationalism.

A Brief History of Tipping and the Struggle for a Living Wage

The capitalists in the service sector have relied on the tipping system to keep wages abysmally low. But sooner or later the growing discontent will find an outlet.

Merger Mania: A Ticking Time Bomb

Corporate cannibalism in the reckless pursuit of profits will lead to increased rents, a drop in real wages, and mass firings for the working class.