Cuba: Capitalist Restoration by the “Russian Road”?

In recent days, a series of public announcements have been made about Russian investments in Cuba. The conditions offered to Russian capitalists are very favorable: 30-year land concessions, tax exemptions, and the repatriation of profits.

US Court Orders Cruise Lines to Pay Over $400 Million for Sailing to Cuba

A U.S. District Judge has ordered four Florida-based cruise companies to pay hundreds of millions in “damages” to a US company that owned a 1934 concession to several piers in Havana harbor.

Scarcity, Blackouts, and Migration in Cuba: Will the New Economic Measures Help?

The Cuban Revolution is at a very dangerous crossroads. It can only be saved through workers’ democracy and proletarian internationalism.

Hurricane Ian Batters Cuba: Blackout and Protests

Hurricane Ian battered Cuba last week. Thanks to Cuba’s effective civil defense system, the loss of life was minimal, although material damage was very extensive.

El huracán Ian azota Cuba

Llegó a Cuba el huracán Ian azotando la isla durante siete horas. Gracias a las eficientes sistema de defensa civil para prevenir los daños, la pérdida de vidas fue mínima aunque los daños materiales fueron […]

Summit of the Americas Showcases Defiance of US Domination

The Summit of the Americas held in Los Angeles on June 6–10 was a compete disaster and showed the decreasing ability of the US to dominate its own backyard. 

60 Years of the Criminal US Imperialist Blockade Against the Cuban Revolution

On February 3, 1962, US President Kennedy imposed an embargo on all trade with Cuba. This marked the official beginning of a 60-year blockade, which has progressively been strengthened and tightened.

Cuba: Reactionary Protests Flop as “Red Scarves” Rally to Defend Revolution

In Cuba this week, the red scarf movement emerged to organize defense of the revolution outside the official institutions of the bureaucracy.

[Audio] Defend the Cuban Revolution!

Jorge Martin appeared on Rupture Radio to discuss the Cuban Revolution, the recent protests that have broken out in the country, the imperialist blockade, and the tasks facing revolutionaries.

Protestas en Cuba: ¡defender la revolución!

La situación en Cuba es grave. El domingo 11 de julio hubo protestas en diversas ciudades y pueblos de Cuba. ¿De dónde surgen estas protestas? ¿Cuál es su carácter? ¿Cómo debemos responder los revolucionarios?

Protests in Cuba: Defend the Revolution!

The situation in Cuba is serious. What are these protests? What is their character? How do we as revolutionaries respond? Defend the Cuban Revolution!

Overwhelming UN Vote against Blockade of Cuba, which US will Ignore

The US blockade on Cuba is overwhelmingly opposed by the world’s nations. But also, the United Nations is, at best, a toothless talking shop.