From the “Indignados” to the Death of Podemos: Prepare for a New Revolutionary Cycle in Spain!

In 2011, a tremendous movement erupted across Spain: the indignados. Within a few years, it found a political expression in Podemos. But the upcoming elections are set to confirm the terminal decline of this party.

Capitalism’s Blood-Soaked Ascent: New IDOM Issue Out Now!

The feature article in the latest edition of In Defence of Marxism takes on the Spanish Conquest of the Americas, which far from a “meeting of cultures,” was a bloody affair resulting in the extermination of […]

January 1923: Germany on the Brink

One hundred years ago French troops invaded the Ruhr. This occupation, combined with hyperinflation, sparked revolutionary convulsions across Germany.

The Origins of Class Society

The division of society into classes is a relatively recent development in human history. And just as it came into existence, Marxists understand it must eventually go out of existence.

American Indian Boarding Schools: A Capitalist Horror Story

The US government recently released a report on the horrific abuses in the American Indian boarding schools. Only a socialist revolution can lay the basis for genuine reparations for the genocide and oppression suffered at […]

Mikhail Gorbachev (1931–2022): The Man Who Failed to Save Stalinism from Itself

Mikhail Gorbachev, the final leader of the Soviet Union, died Tuesday at the age of 91. His policies opened up the door for the restoration of capitalism in Russia and led to the impoverishment of […]

From Emancipation to Criminalization: Stalinist Persecution of Homosexuals from 1934

The October revolution was a leap forward for LGBTQ liberation. But in March 1934, Stalin re-criminalized homosexuality across the whole of the Soviet Union.

In Defense of Historical Materialism: New Magazine Out Now!

Alan Woods’ editorial on historical materialism from the Winter 2021 issue of the In Defence of Marxism, the theoretical journal of the IMT.

Italy: Battles in the Third International

This article explores the political debates between the leadership of the Comintern and the leaders of its Italian section.

500 Years After the Fall of Mexico-Tenochtitlán: A Marxist Perspective

500 years ago the Spanish invaders captured the last Aztec ruler, marking the fall of Mexico-Tenochtitlán. This was one of the starting points of capitalist globalization.

The 8th Congress of the PCC and the Challenges Facing the Cuban Revolution

In April, the Communist Party of Cuba held its 8th congress, which culminated the process of replacing the historical leadership in a context of economic crisis and dangerous economic reforms.

The Partition of Ireland at 100: A Story of Blood-Soaked Counterrevolution

As long as capitalism exists, the consequences of the barbaric division of Ireland and centuries of inculcating sectarian division can never be undone. Only on the basis of uniting the working class for a revolutionary […]