Debt Crisis: Predatory Powers Fight over Scraps in Pillage of Poor Nations

A bankruptcy crisis is looming over the world. The New York Times has called it “a debt crisis unlike anything we have seen.”

Enemies on All Sides: Zelensky Uses War to Attack Worker Rights

In the midst of the war with Russia, the Ukrainian parliament has been pushing forward the harshest cuts to workers’ rights in the country’s history.

Sri Lanka: Lessons from the Struggle

In July, the Sri Lankan masses brought down Gota Rajapaksa. But once they left the streets, his stooge, Ranil Wickremesinghe took his place and unleashed repression.

Sri Lanka: The Picture of Things to Come

On Saturday July 9, tens of thousands of ordinary Sri Lankans descended on the capital, Colombo, and proceeded to take over the presidential residence.

Ecuador Rises Up Again: National Strike against Banker President Lasso

On June 13, a new national strike began in Ecuador. Demands include the freezing of the price of gasoline, price controls on basic foodstuffs, and opposition to privatization.

The Sudanese Revolution Is in Danger

The Sudanese Revolution is at a critical crossroads. The liberals and so-called international community have shown they offer no solutions.