[Audio] Why We Need a Communist International!

This week’s episode of the Spectre of Communism podcast welcomes Fred Weston to explain the historic, revolutionary importance of the Communist International.

Manifesto of the Revolutionary Communist International

The Revolutionary Communist International will strive to become the banner under which the awakening generation of revolutionary workers and youth can assemble to overthrow capitalism.

It Is Time to Launch a Revolutionary Communist International!

A significant stratum of workers and youth are reaching out to grasp the banner of communism with both hands. We must turn decisively outwards to meet them by building a Revolutionary Communist International.

80 Years since the Dissolution of the Communist International

The Communist International was a declaration of war on the whole capitalist world. Under the control of Stalin and Zinoviev, it transformed into its opposite. 80 years ago this month, Stalin dissolved it.

Gazte Topagune Sozialista: Communist Ideas on the Rise in the Basque Country

Resolute communist idea are reverberating with the Basque youth. The road ahead will be hard, but revolutionary optimism is the order of the day!

Rising Child Labor: A Symptom of Capitalist Sickness

According to UNICEF, 160 million children—one in ten worldwide—are involved in labor considered to be mentally, physically, socially, and morally harmful.

Technical Labor and the Struggle Against Borders

A new wave of labor actions by white-collar workers threatens the tech industry’s deep ties to the highly profitable defense and deportation industries.

Mexico: Explosive Strike Wave Hits 48 Factories

An international, anti-imperialist solidarity movement needs to be raised across the world against the US-led coup attempt.

Mexico: 40,000 Factory Workers on Strike in Tamaulipas

Workers from 45 different factories are striking, having received no information from trade union leaders regarding negotiations over annual salary increases.

IMT Statement Regarding US Embassy and the Workers' Struggle in China

On December 11, 2018, the US Embassy in China published a blog post referring to the political work of our comrades in Madison, Wisconsin.

Canada Post Workers Under Attack: Solidarity Needed Now!

Solidarity appeal from the Fightback comrades in Canada, in support of striking CUPW members who face anti-union attacks from the Trudeau government.